"Something like that" - between dream and mist 0

Nerinka Krikščiūnaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2015-08-18

In brief: In the works exhibited at "Something like that”, Rosanda Sorakaitė depicts the objects as if they had reached the human eye as soon as he woke up. Fog, whose source is unclear, is covering all the objects present in the environment. However, the contours and light emanating from above, captured on canvases is slowly emerging. Silence surrounds everything. Slowly, things become apparent.

Exhibition at the Kaunas gallery Meno Parkas is lavishly displayed on two floors. R. Sorakaitė in the exhibition "Something like that" exhibits only sixteen paintings, which are not linked by any specific topic, but by color similarities. Looking at her works, in order to see the objects displayed in canvas, you need to look more closely - everything looks as if it has been covered with a veil of fog that sometimes cover dreams or distant memories. And the longer one attempts to look at the paintings (to remember dreams and past events) the more the eye (and memory) becomes increasingly deceitful - the real image appears for a moment, but very soon everything starts to fade again.

Objects displayed remind of once seen or maybe only dreamt images. It is argued that the more you try to remember some event, the more it moves away from us and intertwines with some details added by the subconscious, which did not exist there in the first place. Thus, the memory becomes our own fictional event, but this event has a real basis. Similarly claims the author of the exhibition: "Artwork is like the memory of that time, unfamiliar, but perhaps more real than any seen day." Portrayed objects are more real than those that have been seen in the past.

Artist R. Sorakaitė, who lives and works in Kaunas, throughout her work, is aiming at the search of the past and its details in present. Her style is not hard to recognize - all canvases are covered in mist, fog or fragile veil of the dream. Author observes her closest environment so the interior details appearing in the artist's canvases are not surprising. The majority of works can be characterized by light-bearing objects emerging from the dark colors - but they are often faded and disappearing in the same fog.

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