Rosanda Sorakaitė, "I am not seeking to portray only the reality, which can be seen" 0

Dovilė Stirbytė, 2015-08-17

In brief: Although R. Sorakaitė started participating in exhibitions during the first years of her bachelor studies, she fully integrated into the ranks of professional artists after finishing her masters' degree. During 2014 she presented two solo exhibitions in Klaipėda and Jonava. The same year she was awarded a special prize at the international watercolor biennial "Baltic Bridges." Her works were recently shown in both selective exhibitions of the contemporary painting festival "Generations XY.Z?" and a week ago artist's exhibition "Something like that" was opened at the gallery Meno Parkas.

In Rosanda Sorakaitė works one can sense a process of long maturing thought and observation, we might even call it meditation. What does creative work mean for the artist?

"Creative process for me is concentration. If I feel bad - I cannot paint. On the other hand, while working I give away a variety of emotions, but it happens as if looking at everything from the distance, after the primary feelings subside. While painting I rethink many days that passed, visions and fantasies. While painting I like to approach a piece slowly, take my time with it. Sometimes it is possible that you just spend time near the piece - thinking, observing, photographing from all the angles, trying to see it in a different light. This is disassociation. Time for creation, is time for yourself.

Coloring is important in the painter's work. Some of her works are especially subtle. Naturally, the question arises - how long does the color search take?

Rosanda Sorakaitė says, "First, I do not think about the constructive elements of the painting, for example, composition or drawing, but about the mood or emotion that I would like to convey - and for this color is important. Sometimes it is dictated by reality, but more often by the painting itself. It happens that I wait for the appropriate colors for a while. Once I had left a painting for a year, until I finally got an idea about how that last layer should look like. I simply look at the painting and I know that it is not finished yet. I reach specific solutions unexpectedly, while doing other things, painting other paintings. Just comes a moment when it seems that you know what to do. All you need to do is wait."

I wondered, since the artist is interested in the topic of time, whether she thinks about death while creating. Rosanda Sorakaitė says that she does not focus on this topic specifically, "but of course the passing of time and existential questions about death go side by side. Observing the objects flourishing in everyday life, reflecting on them you can sense their banality, meaninglessness. Things in the face of eternity have no meaning, just like we do not mean anything in this ever-changing world. Everything is temporary: it exists now, but over time changes its state dissipates in dust and disappears.”



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