Antanas Obcarskas' work: from expression to minimalism 5

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, 2015-12-09
A. Obcarskas. Acrylic Scripts I. 2012, 146x195

In brief: The fragment of neat detail in a large format plane is very important in Antanas Obcarskas' work. Each geometrical line transmits different informative and emotional messages to the viewer. The lines or acrylic patterns on those planes are rhythmically united, subtle and they optically bring in the viewer with their minimalist style.

The creative range of A. Obcarskas is wide. His works balance between conceptual expression, art objects, optical art, contemporary and media art, artistic actions, performances, photography and gesture painting. Six catalogues presenting the artist's work in Lithuanian, English and German languages have been published.

The artist's paintings may be divided into two phases: the first one is associated with abstract landscapes that the artist worked on for quite some time. Later on, in around 2012, A. Obcarskas' painting style approached optical and color minimalism. At that time he created the series of Acrylic Scripts, which stands out with its unique abstract and conceptual style, subtle symmetry of geometrical forms and color harmony nuances.

Through lines, dots and plane structures, the artist constructs a conceptual and dramatic artistic narrative, in this case, the artistic narrative consists of white, grey and black wavy lines on the planes. Since the artist's worldview was highly affected by the Eastern culture, his paintings can be associated with calligraphy, which is characterized by line and character precision and the diversity of sign form.

When asked about his future plans, the artist revealed that before Christmas he would be traveling to India, "I had received an invitation to participate in the 5th international artists' residency in India, Orissa state, organized by Dimension 4. I also plan to visit the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Their university's art institute has offered me to teach there for a shorter or longer period of time. During the visit we will talk about this job opportunity."

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