Virginijus Norvaiša*) , 2006 03 31)** In brief: The selection of stanzas of Kęstutis Navakas ”Chronicles of Good Life“ is a mosaic of moments experienced or created more than ten years ago. The author of the article presents the review of the selection. As the book of Bohemian essays is divided into three parts – the chronicles of white, red and green wine, each of them is reviewed in sequence.


The first part is about the loneliness of a man and his meetings with the other self, his wanderings in the streets and cafes of Kaunas. Later the signs of mature thought evident in the first chapter are replaced by forms of idle time. According to the author, the main problem of such a method of writing is the lack of individual look. The story teller usually presents general images of thinking, which may be suitable for a newspaper but seem rather wishy-washy in the book.


While the second part of the book is dedicated to stories about visits to various cultural events, the adventures of the green wine chronicles are formed of observing and registering the actual events of Kaunas residents. Unfortunately, the third part of the book has the biggest part of clog, and the reasons why these texts were written seems to be the wish to fill in a section of a newspaper. The book is ironical and self-ironical but what is further? Wandering in Laisvės Alley, returning home where two hoarse herrings are waiting for the story teller on a thin china plate…


*) Virginijus Norvaiša. Graduate student and lecturer of the Lithuanian Philology Department of Vilnius University, Kaunas Humanitarian Faculty. Fiend of unordinary adventures of imagination. Writing experience – 10 scientific and literature polemics articles + reporter’s work results. Organiser of scientific conferences dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of Antanas Škėma. Compiler of the selection of articles prepared on the basis of the conference reports.


)** the author’s text has not been edited

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