(Sculpture plain-air in Babtynas Žemaitkiemis estate) Kotryna Džilavjanaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2006 07 08

Sculptors of Žemaitkiemis estate plain-air.

E. Rudinskas. "Endless Tale"

M. Kosinskaitė. "Bedding"

Participants of plain-air at "Take-off Road" of E. Šimatonis.

In brief: Plain-air means the same for an artist as the sea to a mariner most probably. One starts getting intoxicated from the feeling of endless freedom. One the other hand, one risks to drop the direction. The plain-air which finished one day ago at Babtynas Žemaitkiemis estate may be realised as an experimental kitchen, a possibility to try out a new role. Not only sculptors, but also graphics, ceramicists, painters and art researches dip into sculptural, three-dimensional experiments.


The supervisor of the event Miglė Kosinskaitė stresses that the atmosphere of the plain-air is free and unrestricted; therefore, artists discharge themselves from the necessity to be professionals. This year the weather conditions, heat, lack of wind hindered artists from work; as a result, the majority of works were prepared hastily on the last day. It is not very purposeful to evaluate an unfinished artwork; therefore, the author only reviews the general features of the works created during the plain-air.


Plain-airs are kind of holidays for artists, margins of artistic life. This is how the author evaluates the works created at Žemaitkiemis – as remarks, interjections, exclamation marks.

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