(M.Žilinskas Art Gallery. International Art Exhibition “Baltic Bridges”. Through emotional eyes.) Lijana Jekaitytė
www.kamane.lt, 2006 12 20

“Dance” of Irena Luse (Latvia) conveys a tender and nostalgic evening mood.

In brief: Bridges may join or part. This time bridges have joint separate artists from different places and with diverse interests, still striving for the same aim – to build a bridge which would be based on one idea. The bridge has united watercolourists whose brushes rise and fall, dip into a dense mass and stay for a moment in the air and then spill with colours to different sides.


The landscape of Kjell Ekström from Japan takes the spectator to this distant country, to silence, roads and plains where no one has ever walked before. The strokes of Jovita Glemžaitė – Matuzienė are colourful and speckled in the painting “Haiku – Dragon-flies”. The painting of Eero Ijavoien “Mysterious Stories” is a face of a human-being who does not leave you at day or at night. Another moving picture is the “Dance” created by Irena Luse from Latvia. This dance takes the spectator along these Baltic bridges that unite painters in revealing their ideas through watercolours.

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