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2006 08 16 Discussion in brief: E-editors make a response to the letter of Dalia Kuizinienė thanking for the opinion on the review of the young and perspective art researcher Kotryna Džilavjanaitė, in the opinion of editors, about the exhibition “New Masks” in Kaunas organised by the husband of D.Kuizinienė, venerable Saulius Kuizinas.


It is stated in the response: “It is touching that You realise that writing about the creative works of Your family members and to protect them from critics is an erroneous practice, as You have said. It is even more erroneous to cast a stunning number of accusations for the critical, sometimes ironical but completely tactical text of a young art researcher about the exhibition of Your husband.”


If the text were read more attentively as if through the eyes of a stranger rather than a relative, it would look otherwise. Should an intelligent person go blind and deaf if a work of his/her relative did not get a positive evaluation? It may be noted that the text has been read inattentively and hastily due to the excitement, and the accusations are not very correct and true.


Finally, the editors agree that objective critics is necessary and assure that the doors of the rubric “Kamanė’s Kind of Thought” are really closed for authors of ordered praising reviews. "Kamanė" and the harsh, live, critics grounded by insight is not for the fashion stage or red lights neighbourhood. It does not find it necessary to be liked. The most important is to understand and state what is what, why it is so and what use it has for all of us. Thanking venerable Dalia for her remarks, e-editors believe that all people together will break the thick ice to the objective critics and self-critics. "Kamanė" and its authors are ready for this or are sincerely preparing for this. What about You?

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