(Exhibition of Sniegė Navickaitė-Prados at Eglė’s Gallery)

Kotryna Džilavjanaitė, 2006 08 05

Photos by L. Brundza


In brief: The exhibition of paintings of Sniegė Navickaitė-Prados called ”Personages” is open at Eglė’s Gallery. Sniegė is born in Kaunas and obtained her education in Lithuania; however, she has been living and studying in France, Bordo city for six years already. She is creating actively and organising personal exhibitions there.


In her exhibition in Kaunas, Sniegė presents her paintings made on silk. In the interview the artist reveals her life in France and her creative aspirations. She tells that she belongs to the painters’ group “Art-isse”, with which some exhibitions were organised in Lithuania and in France. There are rather few Lithuanians in Bordo city and usually artists accumulate in Paris or Marseilles. Studying at Bordo art school, the artist Sniegė notices that the French love abstract painting, they deepen into contemporary art, installations and video more. They even avoid the classic school. Talking about her own exhibition, the painter states that “Personas” reflect the artist herself.


In fact, the works of Sniegė Navickitė-Prados are really beautiful. Bright, fashionable shades and fluffs guarantee that the works will be easily sold. The paintings of Sniegė may be attributed to parlour painting – her works are really suitable for hanging above the piano. However, the layer of fluffs is not all – the deeper thought is visible. The paintings of Sniegė embody femininity, fragility of a woman and her multiple nature. The women of Sniegė are dreamy and angry, cunning and playful, sometimes even slightly crazy. This is the exhibition of high level prêt-à-porter collection but the author of the article asks Sniegė whether we will see an haute couture exhibition some day?

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