(Letter to ”Kamanė“, the language of the author has not been corrected) Dalia Kuizinienė, VDU,
2006 08 16 Discussion in brief: The author of the letter Dalia Kuizinienė states that she has always considered writing about the creative works or activity of the family an erroneous practice and estimated people who behaved like this with light irony. However, the review of the young critic Kotryna Džilavjanaitė in Kamanė portal regarding the exhibition “New Masks” open at the Picture Gallery in Kaunas revealed the troubles of the present day art and culture critics.


According to the author of the letter, the review has been written in abrasive rhetoric that lacks arguments, it is clear from the first sentences that the aim of the text is to deny and mock the organisers and participants of the exhibition. The author notices that after the doubts about the concept of the exhibition, the reviewer passes to single artists that she does not enjoy or who represent the circle that is not hers. The supervisor of the exhibition S. Kuizinas is also criticised regarding the exhibition and his works.


The author ends that she could have shrug off the review if not for the general situation of art exhibitions in Kaunas. There were only a few conceptual and thematic exhibitions in Kaunas during several recent years. Usually critics analyse only authors’, retrospective exhibitions or exhibitions of selected works of several authors, which gain praising evaluations. “Objective and grounded critics is always necessary, but what demons or sprites are hiding under the mask of this review?” asks the author of the letter.


Signature: Dilettante art admirer rather than art researcher Dalia Kuizinienė

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