(Exhibition “New Masks” at Kaunas Picture Gallery) Kotryna Džilavjanaitė, 2006 08 09

Dialogue of V.Marcinkevičius’ paintings and R.Antinis’ objects in the parade of "New Masks”. Photo by L.Brundza.

In brief: The exhibition “New Masks” started from sound – loud advertisement, famous names, well-known exhibition space. Even the poster of the exhibition reflects the loudness by several levels of its perception. The sound has the quality to attract and to lull.


The discourse of the mask has been used out in art, literature and philosophy, but the supervisor of the exhibition Saulius Kuizinas attempted to bring up the symbol and topic of the mask once again. It is stated in the announcement of the exhibition that all participants are focusing on very diverse and individual variations of masks in art, that they actualise different cultural contexts.


However, the usual level of the mask interpretation prevails in the exhibition – mask-grimace, mask-carnival, mask-alienation, mask as the constant existence of a human soul. Moreover, the majority of works do not have anything in common with the mask at all. Too wide and abstract interpretation field of the mask is offered to a spectator as if the mask could be revealed through anything – even compositions of meadow flowers (Ramunė Kmieliauskaitė’s watercolours) or golden angels with lemons (paintings of Artūras Aliukas).


The exhibition is not smooth by the contents, theme and the quality of art as well. There are some works worth attention among others – the topic is well revealed by the painter Gintaras Kamarauskas, the photographer Eglė Labanauskaitė. The mirror installations of Robertas Antinis ”Outlooks” offer to look at one’s reflection and to consider the meaning of looking and seeing.

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