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For Professional Use and Pleasure – Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania – The International Cultural Programme Centre – Lithuania on the Internet – information publications on Lithuanian art culture: Dailė (The Fine Arts), Literatūra ir Menas (culture weekly on Literature and Art), 7 Meno Dienos (7 Days of Art), Nemunas, Šiaurės Atėnai (Northern Athens), and others. – professionally on music – almost everything about Lithuanian music creators and performers – useful information on music – lots of good things on jazz in Lithuania and abroad

www. – attractive website on percussion music developed in Switzerland – solid website of music in Russian – Kaunas J.Naujalis Music Gymnasium – everything about rock music – website of rock and metal music – Internet radio station "Gaudeamus" of KTU (Kaunas University of Technology), which is also broadcasting news of rhythmical music. – almost everything about Vilnius and this or that on Lithuanian and foreign theatre and its creators – website of the Theatre and Cinema Information and Education Centre – Lithuanian Dance Information Centre – constantly about modern Lithuanian architecture – this and that about Lithuanian architects, including the ones of Kaunas – website of the Lithuanian Architects' Association – space for architects and construction professionals – website advocating high quality architecture – for qualitative development of cities – Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers – photography news from Lithuania and the world - e-shop, photo-gallery, discussions – Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts – Contemporary Art Centre – POST gallery in Kaunas – profesionally on art – lots of valuable information on Lithuanian and world literature – website about Lithuanian writers – publishing house – publishing house – publishing house – intentions and potency of literature – an attractive website of Klaipeda residents on cultural interchange – heritage of everything created by Lithuanian people from the ancient times, everything valuable on earth and under it – Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors - Lithuanian museums – cultural tourism in Lithuania – Agency of Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association – World Intellectual Property Organization - art history resource – the largest daily of the country which is not indifferent to culture – a daily that still shows attention to art culture – a cultured daily – a culture-regardful Internet daily – Internet daily – culture events in Lithuania – all the truth about Vytautas Magnus University – everything about Vilnius University – news of philosophers – Indonesia searching for creative bridges with Lithuania Interior design magazine


For the Sake of Community – showcase of Lithuanian websites – viewing talented ideas of the talented warms the cockles of one’s heart – representative office of students of the Philosophy Faculty of Vilnius University -- Lithuanian Electronic Scientific Library – Baltic tribes’ antiquities and news – every assistance and information for those who are willing to be literate in their mother-tongue – treasures of the library, opportunities and service rendered – digital data basis of Kaunas being created – no comments needed – it goes without saying– forgotten and unknown things about our cultural predawn in the Middle Ages – voice of the Lithuanian Students’ Union – Lithuanian guide on the Internet – good news evasive of pops – Creative works of Užupis – Culture of Raseiniai region – multilingual travel guide to Lithuania


For Personal Use and Pleasure – true or wrong guess, the weather of Your mood is in Your hands – horoscopes about us; still we manage to live – urgent information on flights – cheaper flights – flights again – about issues which even artists cannot avoid – search and you will find – harmony of apartment and nature – really omnipotent basket plant (Callisia Fragrans) – hope to find peace – hope to find peace at the seaside – hope to find peace for children – for entertainment, benefit and self-education – miscellaneous useful information – interesting, useful and perspective life panorama – detailed virtual map of Lithuania – all kinds of leisure in Lithuania – when craving for something delicious – for sweet-toothed ones – in case of reluctance to cook – for kitchen virtuosos – for the ones cooking according to instructions – about those who always love us without calculation – free diverse announcements – free catalogue of Lithuanian companies of various fields