Virginijus Juozaitis was born in Žiežmariai on October 23, 1953. In 1971 he graduated from Kaunas 13th Secondary School. Between 1972 – 77 he studied at Vilnius Engineering and Construction Institute where he was conferred the architect’s diploma. In 1977-86 he worked as an architect at the Construction and Design Institute of Cities. Between 1986-1991 the architect worked as the Chairman of the Cultural Values Protection Department, Kaunas Branch. In 1993-2003 he was working as an architect at Kaunas City Municipality. From 1999 he headed the design studio “Vila”. Since 2002 he has been heading the private design and construction supervision company “JAS“. 


Major projects

Stairs to Žaliakalnis, Kaunas, 1986.
Residential house in Panemunė, Birutės Str., Kaunas, 1996-98.
Renovation and wing of the hotel Kaunas, Laisvės Al., Kaunas,1999-2002.
Block of Obstetrics and Surgery of Vilnius University Hospital, Santariškės Clinics, Vilnius, 2005.
Residential house in Kulautuva, Mokyklos Str., 2000.
Residential house in Žeimenos Str., Kaunas, 2002.
Wing of the hotel Daniela, A. Mickevičiaus Str., Kaunas, 2003.
Reconstruction of Metropolis UAB, Laisvės Al., Kaunas, 2003.
Sewing factory Trys Sezonai UAB, Taikos Ave., Kaunas, 2003.
Residential house in Tunelio Str., Kaunas, 2003.
Hansabankas UAB, Maironio Str., Kaunas, 2003.
Shopping Centre “Molas”, K. Baršausko Str., Kaunas, 2003.

Hotel and restaurant “Sphinx”, Aukštaičių Str. / V. Kudirkos Str., Kaunas, 2004.

Ūkio Bankas branch, Laisvės Alley, Kaunas, 2005.

Resort house “Pervalka“, 2005.


1996 – for the best realisation in the category of small architecture and interiors (interior of the fashion shop “Audronė”) at the exhibition-contest “The Best Project of the Year”.
1999 – for the best renovation (hotel Kaunas in Laisvės Alley) at the exhibition-contest “The Best Project of the Year”.
2004 – for the best realisation of a Lithuanian residential house (a house in Kaunas, Žeimenos Str.) at the exhibition “Architecture of Private Houses”.


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