Virginija Babušytė-Venckūnienė was born in the 20th century in Kaunas. She graduated from J.Naujalis Secondary Art School in 1968. In 1974 she graduated from the Sculpture Faculty at Vilnius Art Institute (present Vilnius Art Academy) and was conferred the profession of an artist – teaching sculptor. She taught painting at the Higher Art School in Kaunas in 1974-76. From 1975 she has been participating in exhibitions and has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 1980. In 1998-1999 she worked as a lecturer of Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Art Institute.


OPENINGS. 2004, Freda town, Kaunas. IMPRISONED MOON OUTBREAK. 1997. Fanano, Italy. THE OTHER SHORE. 1993. CROSSROADS. 1988. JULY – HONEYMOON. 1994 RAIN. 2001. Cerisy la Foret, France. BOBBIN OF OUR LIFE. 2001. RIVER OF CONCERN. 1993. DIFFERENT TRAJECTORIES II. 2000


1977 – Paintings, Kaunas branch of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
1990 – Sculpture, gallery Arka, Vilnius.
1992 – Sculpture, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1994 – Sculpture, gallery Langas, Kaunas.
1997 – “From One Desk”, Klaipėda Exhibition Centre.
2000 – “Look”, Kaunas gallery of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
2001 – “Look”, gallery Arka, Vilnius

Major group exhibitions

1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 – Baltic sculpture quadrennials, Riga, Latvia.
1975 – Lithuanian female artists’ exhibition.
1979 – Group exhibition of small plastics in Kaunas.
1979, 1982, 1985 – Exhibitions of Baltic young artists in Vilnius.
1983 – Young artists’ exhibition in Moscow, Russia.
1984 – Exhibition of Kaunas sculptors in Klaipėda.
1985 – Exhibition of 10 Lithuanian sculptors in Köln, Germany.
1985 – Joint exhibition of Kaunas and Klaipėda sculptors in Kaunas.
1987 – Lithuanian fine art, Moscow, Russia.
1988 - Kaunas sculptors’ exhibition in Tartu, Estonia.
1989 – Lithuanian art, Pavia, Italy.
1992 – Exhibitions in Sodertal, Vpsala, Brunsvik, Falun museum, Borlang, Sweden.
1993 – Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.
1993 – Sculptors’ exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1993 – Kaunas artists’ exhibition in Porvo, Finland.
1995 – International exhibition “Box-95” M.Žilinskas Gallery, Kaunas.
1996 – Exhibition “Requiem to Tradition” at Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1996 – International sculpture quadrennial “Krustceles” (“Crossroad”) Riga, Latvia.
1997 – Exhibition of galleries “Š.M.C.”, Vilnius
1999 – Kaunas artists’ exhibition “Painting, Sculpture, Graphics - 99”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1999 – Kaunas artists’ exhibition at Klaipėda exhibition hall.
1999 – Exhibition of small forms at Klaipėda Artists’ Association Gallery.
2000 – International exhibition “Integrart-99”, Warsaw, Poland.
2000 – Kaunas artists’ exhibition at the gallery Podbrzezie, Krakow, Poland.
2000 – “Tradition and Future”, CAC, Vilnius.
2000 – Lithuanian artists’ exhibition at Dortmund town hall, Germany.
2000 – Exhibition at the tourism centre Saint Pons de Thomieres, France.
2001 – Lithuanian sculptors’ exhibition in the yard of the Presidential Palace, Vilnius.
2002 – Kaunas artists’ exhibition “Best Work of the Year”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2002 – Lithuanian sculptors’ exhibition in the yard of the Presidential Palace, Vilnius.
2002 – Republic exhibition in Šiauliai.
2004 – Lithuanian artists’ exhibition at the gallery of Warsaw Artists’ Association, Poland.
2005 – Republic exhibition “SOS – culture, in kind” gallery Arka, Vilnius.
2005 – Sculpture exhibition for Kaunas days, Kaunas gallery of photography.
2006 – Exhibition of European artists, Headquarters of the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
2006 – International exhibition “Ultima Ratio”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.
2008 – “The Best Artwork of the Year 2007”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2008 – International exhibition, Strasbourg Town Hall, France.

Plain-airs, symposiums

1977 – International symposium of sculpture in Hajhufka and exhibition in Bialystok, Poland.
1981 – Creative camp of Lithuanian artists and exhibition in Palanga.
1983-86 – International sculptors’ camp Dzintari and exhibition, Latvia.
1984 – Symposium of Lithuanian sculptors of metal in Alytus.
1986 - Symposium of Lithuanian sculptors “Granite”, Klaipėda.
1996 - International symposium of sculptors “Natur & kunst” (“Nature and Art”), “Pierszczien stutki” (“Art Ring”), Germany and Poland.
1997 – 14th international symposium of stone Fanano, Italy.
1998 – 1st symposium of aluminium of Kaunas sculptors and exhibition at Kaunas Artists’ Association gallery.
1999 - International symposium “Integrart-99”, Suvalki, Poland.
2000 – 1st international biennial of sculpture from marble, Saint Pons de Thomieres, France.
2000 – 2nd II symposium of aluminium “Aluminium 2000” and exhibition at Kaunas Artists’ Association gallery.
2001 – 4th international symposium of sculpture in Cerisy la Foret, France.
2004 – 1st international symposium of granite “Kaunas-2004“, Freda town, Kaunas. Supervisor of the symposium.
2008 – International Sapporo festival of snow sculpture, Sapporo, Japan.
2008 – International symposium of granite, Vigo–Valladares, Spain.

Major works in public spaces

Motherhood”, Naradava arboretum, Pasvalys district, 1976-1977.
Nude”, Bialystok Culture School, Poland, 1997.
Youth”, Alytus Youth Park, 1984.
Holiday”, M. Mažvydas Sculpture Park, Klaipėda, 1986.
Music”, Mažeikiai Culture Centre, 1988.
Source”, Šilainiai Secondary School, Kaunas, 1988.
Family”, Birštonas, 1988.
Morning”, Kaunas Public Library, 1989.
Stained-glass”, Muritz National Park, Germany, 1996.
Peace”, Wigry National Park, Poland, 1996.
Outbreak”, Fanano, Italy, 1997.
Wall of Misunderstanding”, Saint Pons de Thomieres, France, 2000.
Spirit of Normandy”, Cerisy la Foret, France, 2002.
Monument for the poet B.Brazdžionis, Kaunas, 2003.
Openings”, Freda town, Kaunas, 2004.
Caught Light”, Gringny, France, 2006.
Horn of Good”, Sapporo, Japan, 2008.
Thirst”, Vigo–Valladares, Spain, 2008. 

Awards and achievements

1986 – Competition for the facade of Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty. 3rd prize.
1986 – Republic competition for sculpture near M.Žilinskas gallery. Kaunas, 3rd prize.
1993 – Prize of Lithuanians living abroad in the republic exhibition “Autumn”, Vilnius ŠMC.
1996 – Diploma at the international quadrennial of sculpture “Krusceles” in Riga, Latvia.
1997 – 3rd prize in the closed competition of coins “Lithuanian towns”.
1999 – 3rd prize in the closed competition of coins “10 Years for the Baltic Road”.
1999 – 1st prize for the best collection of sculptures at the exhibition of Kaunas artists “Painting, Sculpture, Graphics - 99”.
1999-2000 – State stipend of the highest level of the Republic of Lithuania awarded.
2003-2004 – State stipend of the highest level of the Republic of Lithuania awarded.
2005 – 3rd prize in the contest for coins dedicated to E.Pliaterytė, Bank of Lithuania.
2007 – Stipend for residence in Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France.
2008 – Diploma for the sculpture “Thirst”, Vigo–Valladares, Spain.

A number of sculptures of the artist have been purchased by M.K.Čiurlionis and other republican museums as well as hobbyists and private persons in Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the USA, Denmark, etc.