Snieguolė Michelkevičiūtė was born in Kaunas on February 3, 1953. Michelkevičiūtė graduated from Kaunas Maironis Secondary School in 1971. In 1974-1979 she studied at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (present Kaunas University of Technology), where she received the diploma of an engineer. In 1979-1992 she worked as a designer-construction engineer in the branch of the Lithuanian food industry design-construction company Saistas in Kaunas. From 1992 she became the head of Fujifim gallery of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers. The artist founded the KPI students’ photography club in 1975. S.Michelkevičiūtė became a member of the International Association of Photographers (AFIAP) in 1998. Status of an art creator granted in 2005.


Major works

“Portraits“, 1972–2003.
“My Children“, 1973–1990.
“Female Nudes“, 1976–1994.
“Woman on Men“, 1977–1994.
“Dogs“, 1979.
“Lithuanian Horses“, 1983.
“Daily Life in a Village“, 1984.
“Kaunas Youth Theatre“, 1985–1993.
“The Baikal“, 1985.
“The Sky and the Sand“, 1985.
“Roadside Chapels“, 1988.
“Hungary“, 1989.
“Miss Photoparody“, 1990.
“Artists’ Summer“, 1998.


1974 G Debut. Cultural Centre of Professional Union, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1975 G “Santaka“ cinema, exhibition of photography club of the Cultural Centre of the Professional Union, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1976 P First personal exhibition – Photo shop, Laisvės Alley, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1984 G “Bicycle – Sports, Health, Transportation Means”. Photography Museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania. Catalogue.

1984 G “Assofoto – 84”. International contest of photography, House of Journalists, Moscow, Russia. Diploma.

1985 G “Man and Earth”. Samogitian festival in Plateliai, Lithuania. Diploma.

1985 G Photography contest of graduates from Photo and Cinema Art Faculty. Extramural University of Folk Arts, Moscow, Russia. Letter of gratitude.

1985 G “Reporting Exhibition of Art Photographers of Kaunas Area”, photo gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1985 G “Interpressfoto-85”, Meeting House, Moscow, Russia.

1986 G “Photo Debut - 86”. 6th republic exhibition of young art photographers. Photo gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1986 G “Landscape of Today”. 1st republic photo exhibition. Cultural centre of Cotton Factory, Alytus, Lithuania.

1986 G “Assofoto-86”. International contest of photography. Journalists' Centre, Moscow, Russia. Diploma.

1986 G “20 Fotoforum-86”. International hall of art photography, Ruzomberok, Czechoslovakia. Catalogue.

1986 G “Woman-86”. Photo gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1986 G Young photographers’ exhibition. Small Gallery of Pupils’ Club, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1986 G “Nature in Lithuania”. Hall of the 6th automobile transport company, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1986 P “My Children”. Cinema “Kaunas”, 50 works, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1987 G “Gabrov-87“. House of Humour and Satire, Gabrov, Bulgaria.

1987 P “Kaunas Youth Chamber Theatre“. Kaunas Artificial Fibre House. 110 works. Kaunas, Lithuania.

1987 G “Sopruslinnad-87“(“Related Cities“). Cultural centre, Tartu, Estonia. Special prize, catalogue.

1987 G Exhibition. Exhibition hall of folk photo studio “Latgalė”. Daugavpils, Latvia.

1987 G “Nature - Everybody’s Home-87“, exhibition-contest. Photo gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1987 P “Bebrusas Lake in Winter“. Kaunas hall of the State Agricultural Industry Design and Construction Office. 30 works.

1987 G “Woman on Woman“. Cultural Centre, Cheliabinsk, Russia. Diploma.

1987 G Exhibition gallery, Gardin, Byelorussia

1987 G “Nature - Everybody’s Home-87“, International photo exhibition, Kaunas photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

1988 G 1st international exhibition of amateur female art photographers. Cultural centre, Sekeshfechervar, Hungary. Catalogue.

1988 G “Interfoto-88“. “Portrait of Young Generation“. Students’ Cultural Centre, Zeliona Gora, Poland. Diploma.

1988 P “Lithuanian Horses“. Kaunas hall of the State Agricultural Industry Design and Construction Office.

1988 G “World Through Women’s Eyes-88“. Cultural Centre, Cheliabinsk, Russia. Prize for the collection, 2nd place, diploma, catalogue.

1988 G “Kap-88“. Contest of humorist and caricature photography. Photo gallery, Kapsukas, Lithuania.

1988 G “Peace to Children-88“. 2nd inter-club photo exhibition, Cultural Centre, Eupatoria, Crimea, Ukraine. Encouragement prize, diploma, catalogue.

1988 G “Children of the World-88“. “Medeo” Cultural Centre, Alma-Ata, Tadzhikistan. 2nd place.

1989 G “Salon-de-Navidad de Fotografia-89“. Photo gallery, Spain. Diploma.

1989 P “Engineers Colleagues“. Kaunas hall of the State Agricultural Industry Design and Construction Office.

1989 G “Salon international de OTONO-89“. Zaragoza, Spain. Catalogue.

1989 G “Ieva“- 89“. 1st contest of photography. Cultural Centre, Cheliabinsk, Russia. Catalogue.

1989 G 3rd international biennial of photography “Man”. Cultural Centre, Torun, Poland.

1989 G “Experimental – surrealist photography-89“. 18th annual Lithuanian photo exhibition, Čiurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA. Catalogue. 1st place.

1990 G “Pasaules zirgi-90“. Photo contest, photo gallery, Riga, Latvia. Catalogue.

1991 G “Naine fotokunstis-91“. Photo gallery, Tartu, Estonia. Catalogue.

1991 G “Photo Eroticism“, Kaunas art photographers’ gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1992 G “Doprava-92“. 8th international contest. Photo gallery, Prague, Czech. Prize, catalogue.

1992 G “Nude. View and Form“, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1992 G “Photography Exhibition of Baltic Republics“, Photography Museum, Helsinki, Finland

1992 G 21st Lithuanian photo exhibition “Waters“. Budrys photography Archive, Chicago, USA. Catalogue.

1993 G 9th international contest of photography. National Art House, Pakistan. Diploma.

1993 P Reporting personal photo exhibition. Šiauliai Photography Museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

1993 G “Social Photography“, Photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1993 G “FUJIFILM Competitive Works“, Photography gallery, Lithuania. 2nd place.

1993 G “Best Photograph of the Year“. Photo gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1993 G FIAP, International Art Photography Federation - IOe Salon international D’art photographigue et 46e Criterium jeanne d’Arc Salon du centenaire du PCCO – Photo and Cinema Club, Orleans, France. Catalogue.

1993 G “Social Photography“, Birštonas Museum, Birštonas, Lithuania.

1993 G “Photo Graphics“, Marijampolė Public Library, Marijampolė, Lithuania.

1993 G “Lithuanian Police“, photo gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1994 G “Kaunas Art Photographers“. Photo gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. Poster.

1994 G “20 Years to Kaunas Branch“, Photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1994 G “Automobile“. Photo gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

1994 G “16th festival of humour Knoke-Heist“, Cultural Centre, Belgium. Catalogue.

1994 G “Nature - Everybody’s Home“, international photo contest. “Fujifilm“ photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania. Catalogue.

1994 G “Bread and Salt“ (Soros), CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania. Great prize. Catalogue.

1994 G “Lithuania-94“, FUJIFILM contest of press photography, photo gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1995 P “Bread and Salt“, Edinburg Art College, Edinburg, Great Britain

1995 P “Woman on Men“ and “Collages on Nature“. “Fujifilm“ photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1995 G “Vitality and Change in Lithuanian Photography“, Gahlberg gallery, Arts Centre, Illinois, USA.

1995 P “Šiauliai Photography Museum”, “Woman on Men“ and “Collages on Nature“, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

1995 P “Woman on Men“- action-attraction, Public Library, Alytus, Lithuania.

1995 G “Liveliness and Changes in Lithuanian Photography“, Gahlberg Gallery, Chicago, USA

1995 P “Woman on Men“ and “Collages on Nature“, photography gallery, Panevėžys, Lithuania.

1995 P “Woman on Men“, 4th international biennial in Istanbul, Antrepo, Istanbul, Turkey. Catalogue.

1995 G 24th annual Lithuanian photo exhibition “Sky Vaults”, Čiurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA. Catalogue.

1995 G “Light – My Love“, reporting photo exhibition of LAFU, Kaunas Branch, Fujifilm Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1996 G “Nature, Still-lives, Women“, Birštonas Museum, Birštonas, Lithuania.

1996 P “Woman on Men“, Cornnerhouse gallery, Manchester, Great Britain.

1996 G “Nature - Everybody’s Home“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania. Catalogue.

1996 P “Woman on Men“, Teatri di Vita, Bologna, Italy.

1996 P “Woman on Men“, photography gallery, Klaipėda.

1996 P “Woman on Men“, 4th international biennial of photography, Serdanjola del Valesas, Spain.

1996 P “New Lithuanian Photography“, CAC, Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland.

1996 P “International Contemporary Photography“, Umjetnički paviljon “Koncept“, gallery Gradska, Zagreb, Croatia.

1996 G 25th Lithuanian photo exhibition “Historical Buildings and Monuments“, Chicago, USA.

1997 P Festival “East-West”, “Woman on Men”, Wine cellar, Die, France.

1997 G 2nd international photo exhibition “Shumice”. Cultural and Sports Centre “Shumice“, Belgrade, Serbia.

1997 G “Knokke-Heist“ international festival of humour, Cultural Centre, Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Catalogue

1997 G 26th annual Lithuanian photo exhibition “Crafts“. Čiurlionis, Budrys Galleries, Chicago, USA.

1997 P “On Silence. Contemporary Lithuanian Photography“, Art Exhibition Hall, Tallinn, Estonia. Catalogue.

1997 P Festival Limage, “Woman on Men“, La Mans, France. 2nd place.

1997 G “Crazy Photography“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1997 P “Lithuanian Dialogues” (“Woman on Men“), Spezione maritima, Trieste, Italy.

1997 P “Woman about Men”, Cultural centre, Jonava, Lithuania.

1998 G “Crazy Photography”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1998 G “Nature – Everybody’s Home”, international contest of photography, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania. Catalogue.

1998 P “Horses”, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1998 P “About Body – Man and Woman", G. Bartelt gallery, Berlin, Germany.

1998 G “We are the World, We are Children”, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1998 G 27th annual exhibition of Lithuanian photography “Accords”. Čiurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA.

1998 P “Carnival Masks”, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1999 P “Nature Collages”, Birštonas Museum, Birštonas, Lithuania.

1999 G “Crazy Photography“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1999 G “21st International Festival of Humour Knoke-Heist”, Belgium. Catalogue.

1999 G “Look To Old Age”, photo gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. Catalogue, Special prize.

1999 P “From the Filming Site”, “Skalvija” cinema, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1999 G “Contemporary Lithuanian Photography”, Month of Eastern European Photography. Cultural centre, Bratislava, Slovakia

1999 P “From the Filming Site”, photography gallery, Panevėžys, Lithuania.

1999 G “Contemporary Lithuanian Exhibition”, Jozef Sudek’s photography house, Prague, Czech.

1999 G “Second Half of Life”, artists’ club gallery “Kiemas“, Marijampolė, Lithuania.

1999 G “Contemporary Lithuanian exhibition“, Cultural centre, Bratislava, Slovakia.

1999 G 28th annual Lithuanian photo exhibition “Spring“. Čiurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA.

1999 G “Saying Farewell to the 2nd Millennium“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1999 P “Miracles of Winter“, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2000 G “Crazy Photography“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2000 P “From the Filming Site“, photography gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania.

2000 P “Moving Bodies in Space and Time“, P. Kriaučiūnas Public Library, Marijampolė, Lithuania.

2000 G “Kaunas Art Photographers“, Prospekto gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2000 G “Knoke- Heist“ international exhibition of humour, Belgium. Catalogue.

2000 P “Woman on Men“, Kėdainiai Town Hall Gallery, Kėdainiai, Lithuania.

2000 G “Zagreb-28“, Croatia. Catalogue.

2000 P “Winter“, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2000 P “Old Age“, History Museum, Birštonas, Lithuania.

2000 P “Woman“- exhibition dedicated to the 3rd Lithuanian Women’s Assembly, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2000 G 29th annual Lithuanian photo exhibition “Summer of a Man and Nature”. Čiurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA.

2001 G “Yard of Light”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin, Germany.

2001 P “My Country Lithuania“, Vila Schtamer, Osnabrūk, Germany.

2001 P “Lithuanian Horses“, Cultural centre, Šilutė, Lithuania.

2001 G “Lithuanian photography“ , KPS-KPIB, Iran.

2001 G “Live Thoughts of Earth“, international contest of photography, Cultural centre, Mažeikiai, Lithuania. Catalogue.

2001 P “Children”, History Museum, Birštonas, Lithuania.

2001 P “Budapest at Night”, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001 P “Lithuanian Horses“, Hansabankas, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001 P “Woman on Men“, Maironis Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001 G “Autumn of a Man and Nature”, Budrys Lithuanian Photography Archive, Chicago, USA. Catalogue.

2001 G “Lithuanian Children”, Budrys Lithuanian Archive, Chicago, USA. Catalogue.

2002 G 22nd international photo exhibition, Legnano, Italy. Medal, catalogue.

2002 G “KPI-photo club - 1976 – KTU photo studio - 2002” jubilee exhibition of students, Fujifilm photo gallery. Kaunas.

2002 P “Man-bird“, “Klaipėda” art gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania.

2002 P “Lithuanian Horses“, Cultural centre, Dusetos, Lithuania.

2002 G “Nudes“, Cultural centre, Dusetos, Lithuania.

2002 G “Nudes“, Cultural centre, Zarasai, Lithuania.

2002 G Fotografie Forum International Frankfurt am Main, Book-fair, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

2002 P “Hungary – in 1989 and 2000“, Hungarian Institute, gallery “U“. Helsinki, Finland.

2002 G “Nature - Everybody’s Home“, 6th international contest, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuanian catalogue, prize.

2002 P “Kaunas Youth Chamber Theatre“, Youth Chamber Theatre, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2002 G “Old Age, Night, Winter“, Budrys Lithuanian Archive, Chicago, USA. Catalogue.

2002 G “Money in Photography“, “Prospekto” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. Catalogue, jubilee coin.

2002 G “With Censor’s Mark“, Arkos gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2002 G “Nature - Everybody’s Home“, “Prospekto“ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2003 G 24th international festival of humour Knokke-Heist, Belgium

2003 G “With Censor’s Mark”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2003 P “Still-lives“, exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary, VMU café “Laviltė”, Kaunas, Lithuania

2003 G “Das baltische Fotolinse“, Schloss Holligen, Bern, Switzerland

2003 G “Anthropology of Modern Body”, Fujifilm photography gallery. Kaunas, Lithuania.

2003 P “My Children” exhibition, Birštonas Museum of Regional Studies, Birštonas, Lithuania

2003 P “Nature” and “Diptychs of Nature” exhibition, Birštonas Cultural Centre, Birštonas, Lithuania

2003 P “Woman on Men“ dedicated to the 50th anniversary, jubilee and reporting exhibition, Picture Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2003 G Photo exhibition of Kaunas artists in San Francisco “s.f. black and white gallery“, California, USA

2003 G “Live Thoughts of Earth“, international photo exhibition, Mažeikių Cultural Centre, Mažeikiai, Lithuania

2003 G “Anthropology of Modern Body“, Klaipėda Exhibition Hall, Klaipėda, Lithuania

2004 P “Woman on Men“, Šiauliai Photography Museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania

2004 P Artists’ invasion in the new municipality of Vilnius, exhibition “Kaunas Artists“, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 G “Places of Life“, exhibition Ex Suderie of Poggio a Caiano Villa Medicea, Italy

2004 P “Woman on Men“, Chapel of Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

2004 G “Man’s Body”, gallery “Stiklo karoliukai”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 P “Lithuanian Horses”, Maxima shopping centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 G 7th international exhibition “Nature - Everybody’s Home”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas Mayor’s prize, Kaunas, Lithuania

2004 P Multimedia: “...Boys and Girls...“, patients of K. Grinius Sustained Nursing Hospital, VMU hall, charity evening. Kaunas

2004 P “Lithuania – Unknown Land“, Poitiers Mayor’s office hall, Poitiers, France

2004 G “Portrait“, exhibition-discussion, Kaunas Artists’ House, Kaunas, Lithuania

2004 G “25 years of Kaunas Fujifilm Photography Gallery“, Fujifilm gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2005 P “Lithuania – Unknown Land“, Voie conference hall, Voie, France

2005 G International photo exhibition “Nature - Everybody’s Home- 2005”, Photography Museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania

2005 G International photo exhibition “Nature - Everybody’s Home-2005“, Birštonas Cultural Centre, Birštonas, Lithuania.

2005 G “Kaunas Artists-2“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania. Catalogue of the exhibition.

2005 P “Autumn Sun“, personal exhibition, Panemunė Aged Peoples’ Day Centre, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2006 G  “Mad Photography-5”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas.

2006 G  “Nature – Home of All of Us-06”, international photo competition, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas.

2006 G  “Rust?…”, Fujifilm photography gallery, curator G. Grendaitė, Kaunas.

2006 G  “30th Anniversary of KTU Photo Studio”, exhibition of former and present students, curator R. Misiukonis, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas.

2006 G  “Kaunas Artists”, Baltic festival of culture of second biggest cities, St.Peterburg, Baltijskij Culture House, Russia.

2006 P  “This is Lithuania”, Poitiers mayor’s office, Poitiers, France. 

2006 P   “Lithuania of the 19th-21st Century”, Brno Czech-Lithuanian Culture Centre, Brno, Czech Republic.

2007 P  “Paberžė 1987-2005”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas.

2007 G “Kaunas Artists Yesterday and Today”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas. Catalogue.

2007 G Exhibition “Foto/karto/istorio/grafijos” at Prospekto photography gallery, Vilnius. Catalogue.

2008 P  “Lithuania in Historical Paintings”, Brno Czech-Lithuanian Culture Centre, Brno, Czech Republic.

2008 P “Where is that Winter...” , Birštonas Museum of Regional Studies, Birštonas.

2008 G Exhibition “Foto/karto/istorio/grafijos“, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas.

2008 G “Female Attitude to Daily Life”, competition-exhibition in the Republican House, Minsk, Belarus. Catalogue.

2008 G “Premieres of Archives”, Fujifilm photography gallery, Kaunas. Catalogue.

2009 P “Female Nudes”, Birštonas Museum of Regional Studies, Birštonas.

2009 G  “Gender Check”, MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst), Vienna, Austria. Catalogue.

2010 G  “Gender Check”, MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst), Warsaw, Poland.


G – Group exhibitions

P – Personal exhibitions