Simonas Gutauskas was born in Vilnius on February 2, 1965. In 1982 he graduated from M.K. Čiurlionis Art School (class of painting headed by J.Daniliauskas) and from the State Art Institute (present Vilnius Art Academy), Faculty of Monumental Painting (studio of stained-glass headed by Prof. A.Stoškus) in 1990. Simonas Gutauskas has been a member of the Lithuanian Painters’ Union since 1999. The artist is working in the fields of stained-glass and painting.

Solo exhibitions

1988 – Painting, Girstutis culture centre, Kaunas.

1989 – Painting, Lithuanian Artists’ Union, Kaunas Branch, Kaunas.

1992 – Exhibition, Kėdainiai town hall (along with J.Zalensas).

1995 – Painting, Langas gallery, Kaunas.

1996 – Painting, Vartai gallery, Vilnius.

1997 – Painting, Eglė’s gallery, Kaunas.

1998 – Painting, Kaunas gallery of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union, Kaunas.

2000 – “Vision”, Babtynas-Žemaitkiemis estate, Kaunas district. 

2002 – Painting, Savickas' gallery, Palanga.

2002 – Painting, Artists and Textile Artists’ Guild gallery, Kaunas.

2003 – Painting, Šiauliai University.

2003 – Painting, Balzek Lithuanian Culture Museum, Chicago, USA.

2003 – Painting, Rūta’s gallery, Vilnius.

2006 – "Aquariums", Graphics gallery, Kaunas.

2009 – “Still-lifes”, Baroti gallery, Klaipėda.

2010 – "08-09", painting, Savickas Painting Gallery, Vilnius

2010 – Painting, Artists’ Association Gallery, Vilnius.

2011 – Painting, Druskininkai Town Museum.

2011 – “Lost Towns", painting, Vilnius Mayor's Office.

2011 – “Lost Towns” (supplemented), painting, Savickas Painting Gallery, Vilnius.

2013 – “Lost Towns”, painting, LR General Consulate in St. Peterburg, Russia.

Group exhibitions

1989 – Kaunas painters’ exhibition, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1989 – Young painters’ exhibition, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1990 – Kaunas painters’ exhibition, Hamburg, Germany.

1991 – Exhibition of sacral arts, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1993-2000 – “On the Other Edge…”, Lithuanian Artists’ Union, Kaunas gallery. 

2002 – “Magic of Nida”, Agila’s Centre, Nida.

2003 – “Dipoly”, Vilnius Town Hall, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas.

2004 – Contemporary painting, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas.

2004-2008 – Painting plain-air at Bikuškis manor, Bikuškis, Utena district.

2008 – “Three Worlds”, LR Parliament, Vilnius.

2008 – “From Baltic to Black Sea”, international plain-air of painting, gallery of the Architects’ House, Kaunas, Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

2008 – “Between Intellect and Emotion”, Marijampolė Culture Centre, Marijampolė.

2008 – Exhibition from the cycle “Afternoon at the Collector’s Home", painting. A.Obcarskas, S.Gutauskas, Žemaitkiemis-Babtynas Manor

2008 – International plain-air of painting "From the Baltic to the Black Sea", Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk.

2008 - Exhibition from the cycle “The afternoon at the collector‘s place”, paintings of A. Obcarskas, S. Gutauskas, Žemaitkiemis-Babtynas manor.

2010 – Exhibition “Blue”, painting, Alanta Manor, Molėtai.


2009 – Druskininkai international painting plein-air “Raigardas”.

2010 – Druskininkai international painting plein-air “Raigardas”, theme - "Me and other me".

2011 - Painting plein-air "RYFOSS", Norway;

2011 – Druskininkai painting plein-air “Eglė 2011”.

2011 – Druskininkai international painting plein-air “Raigardas”, theme “Eternal stamp of M.K.Čiurlionis”.


More about the artist – on his website