Robertas Antinis was born in Kaunas on June 9, 1946. R.Antinis graduated from the Applied Arts School in Riga in 1965 and entered into the Latvian State Art Academy on the same year. The studies at this academy were finished in 1970, and he obtained the industrial artist’s specialty. R. Antinis worked as a teacher at Kaunas children art school in 1973-75. From 1997 he is a lecturer of Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Art Institute (docent). He is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union from 1974. R.Antinis started participating in exhibitions from 1969. He is a member of Post Ars group. He works in the fields of sculpture, object, performance, installation. He is a winner of the National Culture and Art Prize. 

CROSS, wood, bronze, h-500, Kaunas. Commemoration monument of R.Kalanta sacrifice place. POSSIBILITIES OF FINGERS (25 copies), terracotta, 20x20, 2002. MAP OF SENSES, fabric, zips, smell, light, various materials, h-160. ALONE, steel, soil, 350x800x400, sculpture zone, Kaunas.

One-man exhibitions

1971 – Exhibition of sculpture and graphic, Lithuanian Artists’ Union, Kaunas Branch

1974 – Exhibition of sculpture (along with R.Antinis senior), M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas

1977 – Exhibition of sculpture (along with R.Antinis senior), Foreign Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

1987 – Exhibition of sculpture, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1989 – Exhibition of sculpture, Art Exhibition Centre, Vilnius

2000 – Exhibition of drawings and photographs, Lithuanian Embassy in Riga, Latvia

2002 – Lithuanian Artists’ Union Exhibition Hall, Vilnius

2007 – “Anthropological Caves” and “The Road” (along with I.Gaškaitė), Kaunas Picture Gallery

2012 – Installation “Browsers”, Meno parkas gallery, Kaunas

2015 – Drawing exhibition “Doodles”, Lithuanian Artists’ Association Exhibition Hall, Vilnius

Group exhibitions, actions, symposiums

1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 – Quadrennial of Baltic sculpture, Riga, Latvia

1976 – International symposium of sculpture, Hainuvka, Poland

1988 – “Signs of Man. Sculpture, Paintings, Photography“, Art Exhibition Centre, Klaipėda

1989 – “Image – from Sculpture to Sign“, exhibition of Lithuanian sculpture, Pirita flower pavilion, Tallinn, Estonia

1989 – Actions in a sand quarry (along with Post Ars group), Zatyšiai, Jonava district

1990 – Installations of Kaunas artists, Exhibition Hall of the Lithuanian Artists' Union, Kaunas

1991 – Post Ars group installations, gallery Rzezby, Warsaw, Poland

1991 – “Apocalypse and Believing. Contemporary Lithuanian Art“, University Museum of Art and Culture, Marburg; Lippisch Land Museum, Detmold, Germany

1991 – International festival of performances “The Works”, Langas gallery, Vilnius

1992 – Art festival of Eastern European countries “Orients”, Bekeshaba town factory, Hungary

1992 – Action “Bed” (along with Post Ars group), Architects’ House, Kaunas

1992 – Happening “Games” (along with Post Ars group), Kaunas

1992 – Post Ars group photo-documents, paintings, projects, actions, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1993 – “Modern Lithuanian Art from Kaunas“, Likovnih umetnosti gallery, Slovenj Gradec; Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1993 – “It is a letter“, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1993 – European biennial, Niederlansitz, Germany

1993 – Exhibition of photography “Art in Freedom“, Gallery of Cultural Centre, Antverpen, Belgium

1993 – “Between Sculpture and Object in Lithuanian“, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1993 – “Baltic People Today”. Contemporary Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian art, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

1994 – Action “Dodecaphonia” (along with Post Ars group and others), Academic Drama Theatre, Vilnius

1994 – “Spread, Change, Involvement” (along with Post Ars group), Kaunas Picture Gallery

1994 – “Exhibition of groups” (along with Post Ars group), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1995 – “New Documents”, Balzek Museum of Lithuanian Culture, Chicago, USA

1995 – “1995 Lithuanian Art” (along with Post Ars group), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1995 – “Three Schedules” (along with Post Ars group), Mucsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

1996 – Action “Reception” (along with Post Ars group and others), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1996 – Action “Let the Bird Rest” (along with A. Andriuškevičius), Town Hall square, Kaunas

1996 – “Three Schedules II” (along with Post Ars group), City Exhibition Hall, Tampere, Finland

1997 – “Searching for the Sixth Sense“, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1997 – “Selest’ Art 97” (along with A. Andriuškevičius), Saint Hilaire arsenal, Selest, France

1997 – International festival of performances “Dimension 0” (along with Post Ars group), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1998 – “Works on Paper”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1998 – “Body and East“, Contemporary Art Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1998 – International forum in Moscow “Control Station of Feelings”, Art Exhibition Hall “Drill-hall”, Moscow, Russia

1998 – Exhibition of artistic painting, Arka gallery, Vilnius

1998 – Action “Sowing” (along with A. Andriuškevičius), Zapyškis, Kaunas district

1998 – “Tapestry of Life” (along with A. Andriuškevičius, supervisor V. Jasevičiūtė), Kaunas Picture Gallery

1998 – “Seven Days of Love to Postmodernism” (along with A. Andriuškevičius), Kaunas Picture Gallery

1999 – “Yesterday and Today”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1999 – International symposium of land art (along with Post Ars group), Pereslavl Zaleski, Russia

1999 – Exhibition of Post Ars group “Camouflages”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1999 – International symposium of sculpture “Park 800”, Riga, Latvia

2000 – International symposium of sculpture “Park 800” (along with Česlovas Lukenskas), Riga, Latvia

2000 – Author’s book “AND” and its presentation action, M.Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas

2000 – Action “Baptism” (along with Č. Lukenskas), Art Festival, Jonava

2001 – Exhibition “Personal Movement”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2001 – “Mutations”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2001 – “Festival of New Lithuanian Music” (along with Post Ars group), Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw, Poland

2002 – International project of sculpture “About Production”, M. Žilinskas Gallery, Kaunas

2002 – Action “Our Language” (along with Post Ars group), gallery Arteritorija, Kaunas

2002 – Action “Theatre of the Blind” (along with the modern dance theatre Aura) M. Žilinskas Gallery, Kaunas

2002 – International dance festival, project “Re-gi-ne-re-gi” (along with the modern dance theatre Aura), Dance Printing House, Vilnius

2002 – International project “Sculpture Zone”, Kaunas

2003 – Exhibition of competitive projects “Art Propaganda”, gallery Arteritorija, Kaunas

2003 – Exhibition of projects of the international competition dedicated to participants of resistance to occupational regime, Melngalvju nams, Riga, Latvia

2004 – Action “Before Easter”, KMU Children’s Surgery Ward, Kaunas

2004 – Exhibition at Vilnius Municipality

2004 – Exhibition “Spaces”, Arka gallery, Vilnius

2004 – Social actions “Burial of Smoke”. BLC, Kaunas. Three posters of external advertisement in Kaunas

2005 – 1st Lithuanian exhibition of contemporary art, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2006 – “New Masks”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2006 – “101.3 km. Competition and Cooperation”, CAC, Vilnius

2006 – “Museum for the Blind”, M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas

2007 – Sapporo festival of snow sculptures, Sapporo, Japan

2007 – Art fair, Bologne, Italy

2008 – Performance (along with Č. Lukenskas and VMU MI students), VMU Art Gallery 101, Kaunas

2008 – “Artists about Masks”, Kaunas County Public Library, Kaunas

2009 – 2nd Lithuanian Contemporary Art Quadrennial, Expo pavilion, Vilnius

2009 – "Post-ars 20", Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2010 – "Lithuanian Art 2000-2010", Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2010 – Project "Soundscape; Vilnius metro (together with the architect L. Tuleikis and composer V. Jurgutis), Vilnius

2014 – Lithuanian Contemporary Art Quadrennial, Arka gallery, Vilnius

2014 – “ART14London”

2014 – “ARTVilnius”, Expo Pavilion, Vilnius

2015 – “ARTVilnius”, Expo Pavilion, Vilnius

2015 – La Xina A.R.T Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Major works in public spaces

1970 – “Thunder”, chiselled copper, h 500, Kaunas

1973 – “Legend”, chiselled copper, h 700, Panevėžys

1974 – “Festival”, chiselled copper, h 220, Kaunas

1974 – “Ring”, chiselled copper, h 220, Dotnuva

1976 – “Girl with Pipes”, chiselled copper, h 300, Birštonas

1979 – “Chimeras” (8 items), chiselled copper, h 200, Chapel of St. Virgin’s Visitation, Šiluva

1985 – “Sun”, chiselled copper, h 300, Artists’ House sculpture square, Kaunas

1990 – “Egg”, chiselled copper, h 180, Kaišiadorys district, Girelė poultry-yard

1990 – Tombstone to parents, granite, h 80, Petrašiūnai graveyard, Kaunas. Arch. E. Miliūnas.

1991 – “Cross–Wood“, bronze, h 500, Kaunas. Arch. E. Miliūnas.

1993 – “Cross“, bronze, h 320, Rokiškis. Arch. E. Miliūnas.

1993 – Tombstone to the protector of freedom T.Masiulis, bronze, 305x60x40, Petrašiūnai graveyard, Kaunas. Arch. L. Tuleikis.

1994 – “Children’s Torra”, bronze, h 750, synagogue yard, Kaunas. Arch. A. Imbrasas.

1997 – “Landmark”, painted oak, Kaunas oak-wood

1997 – Memorial board for the members of academic society who died during the occupation of Lithuania, bronze, 120x100, Kaunas University of Technology. Arch. V. Miliūnas.

1999 – “Well“, concrete, h 80, Mežaparks, Riga, Latvia

1979-1999 – “Angels” (2 items) (along with R. Antinis senior), Chapel of St. Virgin’s Visitation, Šiluva

2001 – Tombstone to the writer J.Avyžius, granite, h 110, Antakalnis graveyard, Vilnius. Arch. A. Kančas.

2002 – Monument for memorialising the place of Romas Kalanta sacrifice “Field of Sacrifice”, cast iron, 50X2600X1551, Kaunas. Arch. S. Juškys.

2002 – “One”, steel, soil, 550X800X400, “Sculpture Zone”, Kaunas. Arch. L. Tuleikis.

2005 – “Catacombs of the 21st Century”, Museum for the Blind and Seeing People. Vaults of St. Archangel Michael’s (Garrison) Church. Kaunas. Arch. L. Tuleikis

2009 – "Semi-mountain" (architect L. Tuleikis), Vilnius

2012 – "Exposure" installation (architect A, Kančas), Kaunas State Musical Theatre, Kaunas

2012 – "Forever Green Cow", Ventspils, Latvia

Published books

2000 – "And" (Ir)

2010 – "To" (Į)

2015 – "Table" (Stalas)

Awards, achievements

1980 – Diploma of the Latvian Artists’ Union in quadrennial of sculpture “Riga’80“

1990 – 1st prize for the project dedicated to victims of the upheaval of June 23, 1941 (architect E. Miliūnas), Kaunas

1993 – Grand prix (along with Post Ars group) in the European biennial, Niederlansitz, Germany

1996 – State stipend of the highest degree

1997 – Prize for the “Best Artwork of the Year” called “Tapestry of Life” (along with A. Andriuškevičius and V. Jasevičiūtė) at the National M.K. Čiurlionis Museum, Kaunas

1998 – Prize in the architects’ exhibition “Detail 98”, Architects’ House, Kaunas

1999 – Stipend of Open Lithuania Fund (along with Post Ars group) for the project “Mandala” in the international land art symposium in Pereslavl Zaleski, Russia

2002 – National Culture and Art award

2002 – Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, Officer’s Cross

2002 – The most memorable artist of Kaunas, Kaunas Artists’ House

2011 – Book "To" was elected the most beautiful book in the category of experimental books, at the Vilnius Book Fair.

2015 – Golden Badge of the Lithuanian Artists' Association.