Ramūnas Raslavičius was born in Marijampolė on June 17, 1971. In 1989 he graduated from Marijampolė Petras Arminas Secondary School. In 1989-96 he studied at Vilnius Engineering and Construction Institute (present VGTU), where he obtained the specialty of an architect. In 1998 he founded a private design company and is designing residential and administrative buildings. 


Major projects

Competitive project of Kaunas Jesuits’ Gymnasium complex enlargement (along with Š. Kiaunė, A. Kiaunienė), Kaunas, 1996.

Competitive project of temporal putting in order of Vilnius Lukiškės Square (along with Š. Kiaunė, A. Kiaunienė), Vilnius, 1997 (first place).

Competitive project of the Lithuanian pavilion in “Expo 2000” in Hanover (along with Š. Kiaunė, A. Kiaunienė, G.Jurevičius), 1999 (first place).

Competitive project of a recreational place in Molėtai region (along with Š. Kiaunė, G.Jurevičius), 1999.

Reconstruction offers for the building in Laisvės Alley (along with Š. Kiaunė), Kaunas, 1999.

Residential house in Rumšiškės, Užtakų Str. (along with Š. Kiaunė), 2000.

Reconstruction of Klaipėdos Namų Statyba AB building into a shopping centre (along with G.Jurevičius), 2000.

Reconstruction of Audimas AB administration building, Raudondvario Road (along with Š. Kiaunė, D.Čiuta), Kaunas, 2000.

Competitive project of the environs of the Hill of Crosses and the chapel (along with Š. Kiaunė, V. Minkevičius), 2001 (first place).

Residential house in Vytėnai I, Daugirdiškių Str., Kaunas, 2001.

Project for tidying the territory of Sanitas AB, Vytauto Str., Kaunas, 2002.

Project offers for a business centre, Kiev, Ukraine, 2002.

Competitive project of Achema AB building for commercial purposes (along with Š. Kiaunė, A. Kiaunienė), Kęstučio Str., Vilnius, 2003.

Residential house in Vytėnai II, Daugirdiškių Str., Kaunas, 2003.

Residential house in Vytėnai III, Vėsos Str., Kaunas, 2003.

Administration building of Lemora UAB, Technikos Str., Kaunas, 2004.

Reconstruction of a residential house (along with E. Raslavičienė), S. Lozoraičio Str., Kaunas, 2004.

Residential house in Narėpai village (along with E. Raslavičienė), Kaunas region, 2004.

Residential house in Panemunė (along with E. Raslavičienė), Pabradės Str., Kaunas, 2005.

Residential house in Užtakų Str. (along with E. Raslavičienė), Panevėžys, 2005.

Residential house in Naujasodis village (along with E. Raslavičienė), Kaunas region, 2005.

Reconstruction of Lemona UAB administration building, S.Raštikio Str., Kaunas, 2006.

Residential house, Valdovo žirgyno Str. (along with E. Raslavičienė), Kaunas, 2006.


1998 – Grand Prix and the First Place in the 7th international contest of architecture “Szczecin 1998 Eurosag”, along with Š. Kiaunė, V. Minkevičius.

1999 – Award for the best project (Lithuanian pavilion in the world exhibition “EXPO-2000”), along with G. Jurevičius, Š.Kiaunė, A. Kiaunienė, in the exhibition-contest “The Best Project of the Year”.

2002 – Award for the best interior of the year (interior of the company Audimas building in Kaunas), along with Š. Kiaunė, D. Čiuta, in the exhibition-contest “The Best Project of the Year”.

2003 – First Prize (for the special feeling of harmony of different materials in the interior of the residential house in Vytėnai I) in Knauf exhibition-contest “Pure Construction in Architecture 2002”.

2005 – Grand Prix “Vitruvius” for the best realisation of a residential house (a house in Vytėnai III), in the exhibition-contest “Architecture of Lithuanian Private Houses”

2005 – Award “Architect of the Year” (for elegant and consistent architecture designing the building of Lemora company and private residential houses in Vytėnai).

2005 – Award “Metre 1/5” (for the administration building of Lemora UAB in Kaunas) and Diploma (for the residential house in Vytėnai III) in the exhibition-contest “Lithuanian Architecture 2003-2005. A look at Oneself”.