Miglė Kosinskaitė was born in Vilnius on August 14, 1965. In 1983 she graduated from Vilnius 31st Secondary School. In 1983-89 she studied at the State Art Institute (present Vilnius Art Academy), where she obtained the specialty of a painter and teacher. She has been participating in exhibitions since 1989. She is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union from 2001. Miglė Kosinskaitė is the author of illustrations for the book of Perpetua Dumšienė “Don’t Throw Roses to the Sea“ (2007). She is also a curator of Babtynas Žemaitkiemis estate plain-airs (2006). 


One-man exhibitions

1999 – Exhibition of artworks (along with A.Daujotas), gallery Kauno Langas, Kaunas.
2003 – Happiness of Ladies, gallery Kauno Langas, Kaunas.
2003 – “Three Grams of Retro”, Rūtos gallery, Vilnius.
2003 – Painting, gallery Raina, Klaipėda.
2004 – “Familiar Faces”, Rūtos gallery, Vilnius.
2005 – “Monologues”, gallery Akis, Šiauliai.
2005 – “Boudoir Monologues”, Rūtos gallery, Vilnius.
2006 – “For the Dessert”, gallery Akis, Šiauliai.
2006 – “Muses and Music”, Rūtos gallery, Vilnius.
2008 – Painting, Lithuanian THeatre, Cinema and Music Museum, Vilnius.
2008 – Exhibition of creative works (along with A. Berdenkovas), Communication History Museum, Kaunas.

Major group exhibitions

1991 – Kaunas Artists’ Exhibition, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1999 – Painting, gallery Kauno Langas, Kaunas.
2000 – “Signs of Intimacy”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2000 – Exhibition of the Textiles Guild Establishment, Kaunas.
2000 – “The Last Christmas Haiku of the 20th Century”, LPU Kaunas gallery, Kaunas.
2001 – Exhibition of young Kaunas painters, Vilnius Town Hall.
2001 – “The Best Artwork of Year 2000”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2001 – “From Carving to...“, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2001 – “Kaunas gallery: Breaking Limits”, M.Žilinskas gallery, Kaunas.
2001 – “Black/White”, gallery Kairė-Dešinė, Vilnius.
2002 – “Mysterium Magnum”, LPU Kaunas gallery, Kaunas.
2002 – Kaunas Artists’ Exhibition, Krakow, Poland.
2002 – Exhibition of the international plain-air “Time”, UNESCO office, Vilnius.
2003 – Exhibition of the painting plain-air “Dipoly. Between Vilnius and Kaunas“, Vilnius Town Hall, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.
2004 – “Euro Daily Life”, Šiauliai Exhibition Centre.
2004 – “Puppets”, Eglės gallery, Kaunas.
2004 – “Small Table”, LPU gallery, Klaipėda.
2009 – the Best Artwork of the Year 2008, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

Plain-airs and symposiums

2001 – “Road of M.K.Čiurlionis. Preludes of August”, Žemaitkiemis estate, Kaunas region.
2001 – Plain-air, Žemaitkiemis estate, Kaunas region.
2003 – “Dipoly”, Bikuškis estate, Utena region.
2003 – “Chapel-Pole of the Estate”, Žemaitkiemis estate, Kaunas region.
2003 – “Weightlessness as Form of Feminism”, Kaunas 1st Fort.
2004 – “Dipoly 2”, Bikuškis estate, Utena region.
2005 – “Žemaitkiemis 2005”, symposium of modern sculpture and objects, Žemaitkiemis estate, Kaunas region.
2006 – “Bitė Art Spaces“, project in open spaces.
2006 – “Žemaitkiemis 2006”, Žemaitkiemis estate, Kaunas region.