Liucija about herself: “I was born in Dzūkija (South Lithuania) on October 29, 1948. At the age of five years my grandma and grandpa brought me to an uncle in Samogitia, I loved it there and stayed there. I finished Pavandenė Secondary School in 1967. (Telšiai region). Later I entered Vilnius State Conservatory (now – Academy of Music and Theatre) to study actor’s art. The course supervisors were the late Irena Vaišytė and late Vladas Jurkūnas. I graduated from the conservatory in 1972 and started working at Kaunas State Puppet Theatre.

As far as I remember, my first role at the theatre was a Sunflower in the performance “Sunflower and Cock“ (director Stasys Ratkevičius). I spoke in a soft voice and searched for my partner’s eyes... It was rather hard to understand the puppet technique but I became accustomed to it little by little. I have calculated that I have acted in more than 60 performances. I will mention the roles and performances which were momentous to me the most.

U. Giula “Blue Dog“ – Dog, director A. Stankevičius

E. Ignatavičius “Šyvis’ Fate“ – Šyvukas, director A. Stankevičius

Lopeiska and Kruchkova “Stork and Scarecrow“ – Small Stork, director A. Stankevičius

E. Ignatavičius “Miraculous Mother Hind“ – Mother Hind, director A. Stankevičius

A. Matutis “Eglė’s Sons“ – Eglė, director A. Stankevičius

O. Wild “Birthday of Princess” – maid Elvyra and Focus-maker, director A. Stankevičius

D. Čepauskaitė “When a Star is Falling“ – Girl, director A. Žiurauskas

O. Wild “Star Child“ – Mother Beggar, director A. Stankevičius

N. Lange “Cay and Gerda“ – Gerda, director A. Stankevičius

Kolesnikov “Dwarf Nose“ – Girl and Goose, director A. Stankevičius

Gabe “Cinderella“ – Cinderella, director A. Stankevičius

“A Tale about a Rain-drop“ – Rain-drop, director O. Šiugžda

“Tiger Petrikas” – Tiger Petrikas, director A. Stankevičius

In 1997 I won the diploma and the Theatre Union prize for the Tiger Petrikas role in the performance “Tiger Petrikas” in the republic festival-contest “Theatres for Children”.

In 1999 I received a diploma and the main prize for the Tiger Petrikas at the international festival of puppet theatres in Brest (Byelorussia).

I participate in literature evenings, love reading poetry. I read poetry of J.Degutytė in the poetry performance "I Wish Nothing Better to Myself".

Moreover, I knit, read books, work at school with children (drama class), love painting, weeding, caring for bees...”.

P.S. The newest role of L.Zorūbaitė is the deeply tragic-comical Kamanė, who celebrated the premiere during the opening evening of Kaunas professional artists’ website on October 3, 2005.