Janina Malinauskaitė was born in Kaunas on February 25, 1935. In 1953 she graduated from Alytus 2nd Girls’ Gymnasium. Between 1953-59 she studied at the State Art Institute where she acquired the artist-decorator’s specialty. Between 1959-86 she worked as the artist-stage decorator and chief artist at Kaunas State Drama Theatre, and from 1986 she is the chief artist of Kaunas State Musical Theatre. Janina Malinauskaitė has been participating in exhibitions since 1957. From 1964 she is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union. She has created scenographies, posters and programmes for performances.


One-man exhibitions

1985 – Creative exhibition, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1994 – “Portraits of Lithuanian Dukes”, gallery Langas, Kaunas.

1995 - “Portraits of Lithuanian Dukes”, National Library, Tallinn, Estonia; Lithuanian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland.

1996 - “Portraits of Lithuanian Knights”, Anykščiai, Molėtai, Naujoji Akmenė Cultural Centres, Kėdainiai Central Library.

2005 – “King Mindaugas and Gediminaičiai Dynasty”, Verkiai Palace, Vilnius.

2005 – Jubilee exhibition, Museum of Theatre, Cinema and Music, Vilnius.

Major group exhibitions

1960 – Exhibition of Baltic theatre and cinema artists, Moscow.

1960 – Republic jubilee exhibitions, Vilnius.

1960 – Exhibition of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian art, Moscow.

1961 – Jubilee exhibition of Baltic Republics, Moscow.

1965 – Jubilee exhibition of Kaunas artists, Kaunas.

1977 – Triennial of Baltic Republics, Moscow and Leningrad scenography, Vilnius.

1980 – 3rd republic exhibition of posters, Vilnius.

Major works of scenography

A. Arbuzov “Long Road”, Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre, 1958.

K. Saja “Hunt for Mammoths”, Kaunas Drama Theatre,1968.

J. Glinskis “House of Grasa”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1970.

K. Saja “Saint Lake”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1970.

J.Grušas “Barbora Radvilaitė”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1972.

T. Williams “Tram of Desires”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1974.

R. Keturakis “America in the Bathhouse”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1974.

A. Jari “King Ube”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1977.

P. Travers “Mary Popins”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1977.

M. Gorki “The Last”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1978.

H. Ibsen “Builder Solnes”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1980.

I. Glinskis “King”, Kaunas Drama Theatre, 1980.

I. Kalman "Silva”, Kaunas Musical Theatre, 1992.

I. Kander “Zorba”, Kaunas Musical Theatre, 1999.

F. Lehar “Land of Smiles”, Kaunas Musical Theatre, 2000.

Major awards, achievements

1969 – letter of honour of the former USSR Ministry of Culture for the scenography for the performance “A New Has Come”.

1970 – letter of honour of the former USSR Ministry of Culture for creative activity and long work.

1977 – prize of union level of the former USSR Ministry of Culture for the best scenography for the performance “Mary Popins”.

1978 – state prize of the former LSSR.

1978 – prize for the scenography for the performance “The Last”, Festival of Classical Dramaturgy, Vilnius.

1980 – prize for the scenography for the performance “Pilgrim of Dreams”, Festival of Lithuanian Drama, Šiauliai.

1980 – name of the Honoured Artist granted.

1980 – award for the best theatrical poster (“Decameron”), 3rd Republic Exhibition of Posters, Vilnius.

1980 and 1985 – letter of honour of Presidium of the former LSSR for merits developing Lithuanian art and active public work.

1981 – prize for the scenography for the performance “Dress Rehearsal”, Festival of Soviet Dramaturgy, Kaunas.

2000 – letter of honour of Kaunas City Municipality for long and selfless creative work for the welfare of Kaunas city.

2000 – letter of gratitude of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for important creative work.