E.Kniūkštaitė was born in Kartena, Kretinga district on the 16th of June, 1950. In 1971 she graduated from photography at Vilnius Technological School. In 1975-76 she worked in the Photography Laboratory of Vilnius University Library. Since 1976 she has been working as a restorer at the Lithuanian Folk Art Museum in Rumšiškės. The artist has been participating in exhibitions since 1974.

E.Kniūkštaitė has painted some figure compositions: “On the Night of Feast of St, John” (1973), “Baptism” (1976), “Merry-go-round” (1978), “Evening near Minijs” (1984), triptych “Blooming of Sowthistles” (1999), “St. Martha”, “Margarita” (2005), portraits: “Parents” (1972), “Me, Mother, Brother and Cousin” (1975), landscapes: “Nida” (1976), “A Walk” (1986), “Landscape with Oaks” (1992), still-lifes.

A retrospective exhibition of 35 years of creation was organised at Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum and a catalogue of the artist’s works was issued in 2010.

E.Kniūkštaitė was recognised the Most Memorable artist of Kaunas in 2010.

Deep folk world-view and understanding of human existence is reflected in paintings of E.Kniūkštaitė. Simplified motifs are used in her early paintings, while more complicated special structure, panoramic and multi-figure composition as well as plots of Christian themes prevail in later works.

Clear compositional structure, decorative views, metaphors, persuasive colours, melancholic mood, naïve painting style close to folklore is typical of the artist’s paintings.