Eimutis Markūnas was born in Kaunas on June 7, 1959. In 1971-74 he studied at Kaunas Art School. In 1974-78 the artist studied at Kaunas Technical School of Applied Arts, in 1978-83 – at the State Art Institute (present Vilnius Art Academy). He has been participating in exhibitions since 1983. From 1990 he is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union, from 1991 – a member of Angis group. Work fields: installation, post-object, painting, stained-glass. 


One-man exhibitions

1986 Drawings, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Kaunas Department, Lithuania.

1990 Paintings and stained-glass, Artists’ House, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1992 Painting, Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1993 Painting, Artists’ House, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1993 Painting, branch office of a Kaunas bank “Vilnius”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1994 Paintings and stained-glass, Town Theatre, Emmerich, Germany.

1994 Painting and objects, gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1997 “Drawings – objects”, Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1998 “20x15”, drawings, Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2000 “Fossils”, painting on a paper, Christ Church, Emmerich, Germany.

2001 Installation “Shadows”, Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2001 “Ornaments”, Kaunas Gallery of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2002 “Fossils”, painting on a paper, gallery “Kairė – Dešinė”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2003 “About Black and White”, “XX” gallery, Panevėžys, Lithuania.

2003 Installation “Colour/Time”, Picture Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2004 Installation “Zone No. 1” Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2005 Installation “Junction”. City square of Klaipėda, Lithuania. 

2005 Presentation / press conference on individual art activity. NBK, Berlin, Germany.

2006 Painting. Artists’ House. Tartu, Estonia.

2006 Installation "Coming/Going". Former Meat Factory of Kaunas. Kaunas. 

2006 Project “Identifications”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2007 "For Passing/Coming", installation. Vartai gallery, Vilnius.

2008 "For Passing/Coming", installation. Gallery 4' Barbier, Nimes, France.

2008 Project "Identifications". Klaipėda exhibition centre, Klaipėda, Lithuania.

2008 Exhibition "For Teachers". A.V. Jonynas Gallery, Druskininkai, Lithuania.

2008 Installation "Will you be the Next". International theatre festival, Bydgoscsz, Poland. 

2009 “Time and...”, LAU Pamėnkalnis Gallery, Vilnius.

2009 “One More Breaking Morning”, exhibition of paintings, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas.

2010 "Gardens of Emptiness", Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas.

2012 Exhibition “Parallel Realities”, gallery Meno parkas, Kaunas.

2012 Exhibition “Parallel Realities”, gallery Barotti, Klaipėda.

2012 Exhibition “Parallel Realities. Retrospective”. VAA gallery Titanikas, Vilnius.

2012 “Horizontal” audio-visual installation. Johanniterkirche, Feldkirch, Austria.

2012 “Painting”. Restrospective. Piano.LT, Vilnius.

2013 “Passage” (Durchgang), painting. Gallery Meno Niša, Vilnius.

2013 “Passage” (Durchgang), painting. Musical Theatre, Panevėžys.

2014 Exhibition “6 + 1”. Old Town library Mapu 18, Kaunas.

2015 “Twilight Zone”. Pamėnkalnio gallery, Vilnius.

2015 Paintings. A. Martinaitis School of Art, Kaunas.

Major group exhibitions since 2000

2000 “The End of the Beginning”, Exhibitions’ Palace, Klaipėda, Lithuania.
2000 Exhibition of stained-glass, gallery “Arkos”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2000 “Contemporary Glass Art of Nordic Countries", Warehouse C, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2000 Exhibition of West German Artists’ Association “Von Haus zu Haus”, State Museum, Lüdenscheid, Germany.
2000 “Angis 2000”, Pictures gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2000 “Große Kunstausstellung 2000”, Düseldorf, Germany.
2001 “Contemporary Glass Art of Nordic Countries“, Finland Glass Museum, Riihimaki, Finland.
2001 “Contemporary Glass Art of Nordic Countries“, hall of art, Tallinn, Estonia.
2001 8th International Project dedicated to A.Samuolis, “Mutations”, Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2001 International Exhibition “Christening in Art”, Exhibition hall, Klaipėda, Lithuania.
2001 “Gloria Deo”, Jesuits’ Closter, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2001 Project “Kaunas – Krakow”, gallery of D.Rostworowski, Krakow, Poland.
2001 International exhibition “Fluxus – Mail Art”, Picture galley, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2001 – 2002 International exhibition “Mysterium Magnum”, Kaunas Gallery of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2001 – 2002 World stained-glass exhibition “Das Farbige Licht”, H.Reiffenstuel – Haus, Pfarrkirchen, Germany.
2002 “Nordic Glass – 2000”, Museum of Applied Art, Riga, Latvia.
2002 “Entre Deux Mondes”, Chapelle des Penitents, Aniane, France.
2002 International exhibition “Christening in art”, Picture gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2002 “Nordic Glass – 2000”, Fossekleiva Brukssenter, Berger in Svelvik county, Norway.
2002 “Collection 2002”, Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania.
2002 Takako Saito project "You + Me = Shop", Kaunas Picture Gallery, Lithuania. 
2002 “Vitrum Balticum II”, Museum of Ceramics, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2002 Project of Angis group “Erase the Marked Place”, Picture Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2002 “Vitrum Balticum”, Ceramics Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2002 “Ars longa vita brevis”, LAA Kaunas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2002 Painting exhibition, Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2002 Exhibition of the project "Kaunas - Krakow", Krakow exhibition hall, Poland. 
2003 Lithuanian Colour Painting, Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.
2003 Lithuanian Colour Painting, Maldis gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2003 “At First Sight”, TPK Tecla Sala culture centre, Barcelona, Spain.
2003 Project of Angis “Insert”, Savanorių 168, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2003 Project “Between Vilnius and Kaunas”, Town hall, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2003 Project “Kaunas – Krakow - Vilnius”, Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2003 “Art + Art of Communication”, Picture Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2003 Kaunas’ artists exhibition “Painting Today”, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2004 Project “The Biggest Gallery in Vilnius City Municipality”, Vilnius Municipality, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2004 Project “Ice-sculptures”, Laisvės Alley, Kaunas, Lithuania. 
2004 "Crafting the Future", Kilkenny, Ireland.
2004 Vilnius Painting Triennial “Seven Truths of Painting”, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania. 
2004 project "Capital Days 2004", Gedimino Avenue, Vilnius, Lithuania. 
2004 International exhibition “Unsupportable Reality”, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania; Klaipėda exhibition hall (2005); Telšiai exhibition hall (2005).
2004 International exhibition "Erosion", Klaipėda exhibition hall, Lithuania.
2005 "With Love", gallery Meno Niša, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2005 "Space". Exhibition Hall of Lvov, Ukraine.
2005 Lithuanian Art Exhibition in Gallery Havnen, Saeby, Denmark.
2005 "Reality in X Abstract". Gallery Intro, Vilnius; Klaipėda exhibition hall; art gallery of Šiauliai; Lithuania.
2005 “Unsupportable Reality”, Olomouc, Czech.
2005 “Lohn der Arbeit”, Stadtische Galerie, Herne, Germany.
2006 "Kaunas Artists in Tartu". Artists’ House. Tartu, Estonia. 
2006 "The Big Secret", Gallery Kairė-Dešinė, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2006 "Space". Exhibition hall, Panevėžys, Lithuania. 
2006 "Enigma". Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2006 "Space. Plain. Body". CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2006 Project "KoViKaVi". Kunsthalle, Braenderigarden, Viborg, Denmark.
2006 "Milius Looks to the future 2". Kodulinna House, Tallinn, Estonia.
2006 International biennial of graphics "Now Art Now Future: Freedom". Vilnius, Lithuania.
2006 "Occupation". Humanitarian manoeuvres in Kaunas Meat Factory. Kaunas, Lithuania.
2006 International project of Art Today "Ultima Ratio". Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2007 "Raigardas 2006", plein-air exhibition, Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 Nida plein-air exhibition "100 to Brücke manifest”, Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 Exhibition "The Best Artwork", Kaunas Picture Gallery, Lithuania.
2007 Exhibition of nominees of "Golden Badges" (with Š.Sauka and V.Urbonavičius) – LAU exhibition hall, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 "Contemporary Art from Kaunas", Thyssen Krupp picture gallery, Duisburg, Germany.
2007 "Monologues", CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 project “KoViKaVi”, exhibition "Postblablu... Future", Kaunas Picture Gallery, Lithuania.
2007 Exhibition of contemporary biennial of painting "Nostalgie" "We wish you to get well". Exhibition hall, Klaipėda, Lithuania.
2007 "Sieben Künstler Aus Litauen", Brigitte Bailer Ateliehouse, Dortmund, Germany.
2007 "Photo Intentions", Kaunas Picture Gallery, Lithuania.
2007 "Art in Architecture", Exhibition hall, Klaipėda, Lithuania.
2007 "10 to gallery Meno Parkas", Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 "Fine Arts in Architecture". Klaipėda exhibition hall, Lithuania.
2008 Exhibition of Lithuanian paintings and objects. G. Gounaropoulo museum (G. Gaunaro), Athenes, Greece.2008 2nd biennial of graphics “Now Art Now Future: Present Time”, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2008 EU Expanding Use project “Hello!”. Galerie im Ganserhaus, Wasserburg, Germany.
2008 Lithuanian art anew. Bydgoszcz city gallery, Poland.
2008 “TPK Tecla Sala” and "Arts Plàstiques” jubilee exhibition. Barcelona, Spain.
2008 Biennial “European Glass Context”. Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark.
2008 Lithuanian art anew. Gallery Szyb Wilson, Katowice, Poland.
2008 Exhibition of Angis group "ups urgentum sufrum". Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2008 International video art project "Elephant Bullet". KUMU art museum, Tallinn, Estonia.
2008 Exhibition "Gloria Deo - 10" Jesuits’ Monastery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2008 International exhibition "Carrement ". Gallery 4, Barbier, Nimes, France.
2008 Contemporary art festival ”Kaunas in Art: Contexts". Communication History Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2009 “Lithuanian Art Anew”. Contemporary Art Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland.
2009 “Lithuanian Art Anew”. Klaipėda Exhibition Centre, Lithuania.
2009 “Iconography of Daily Life. Lithuania 1970-1993”, project of “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture”, Railway Station, Vilnius.
2009 “Kaunas in Art: Contexts”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2009 “ArtVilnius 09”, international fair of galleries, Litexpo exhibition centre, Vilnius.
2009 2nd quadrennial of contemporary art, Litexpo exhibition centre, Vilnius.
2009 10th Lyon biennial, “Resonance”, KaNiBaLHoPoX project, Mapra gallery, Lyon, France.
2010 “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Klaipėda Exhibition Centre. 
2010 Painting exhibition “Line. Colour. Space”, Arka gallery, Vilnius.
2010 OSTRALE 010 “Rites of Passage”, international contemporary art exhibition, Dresden, Germany.
2010 “Iconography of Everyday. Lithuania 1970-1993”, VEKS project, Railway Station, Švenčionėliai.
2010 International contemporary art exhibition OUT OF OSTRALE “Rites of Passage”, Eupen, Belgium.
2011 Project “Angis 20: Retrospective”, Titanikas Gallery of Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius.
2011 Project “Angis 20: Return”, Kaunas College, Vienožinskis Art Faculty, Kaunas.
2011 Project “Angis 20: Videospective”, Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas.
2011 Project “Angis 20: Retrospective”, Picture Gallery, Kaunas.
2011 “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Jurbarkas Concert and Exhibition Hall, Jurbarkas.
2011 “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Manor Palace, Pakruojis.
2011 54th Venice Bienalle, D. Mikšys’s project “Behind the White Curtain”, Venice, Italy.
2011 Project “Art + Art to Communicate: Ecosphere“, Picture Gallery, Kaunas.
2011 “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Titanikas Gallery of Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius.
2011 “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Art Gallery, Šiauliai.
2011 “Identity”, “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, City Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia.
2011 “Identity”, “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Lithuanian Centre, Warsaw, Poland.
2011 Exhibition “Reflection”, Klaipėda Gallery, Klaipėda.
2011 Exhibition “Salon d’Automne”, Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas.
2011 Exhibition “Mirabile visu“, National M. K Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas.

2012 Collection of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Regional Museum, Rokiškis.

2012 “Identity. Collection of Lithuanian Artists’ Association”. Gallery of Latvian Artists’ Association, Riga, Latvia.

2012 International exhibition “Square – 5”, Vienožinskis Art College, Kaunas.

2012 “Identity. Collection of Lithuanian Artists’ Association”. City gallery, Pfaffenhofen, Germany.

2012 Exhibition of the international plein-air “Zarasai Land of Lakes”, Regional Museum, Zarasai.

2012 “Lithuanian Art”. M. Milius collection, Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia.

2013 International exhibition “Square”. Gallery Aukso Pjūvis, Kaunas.

2013 “ART Vilnius 13”, international fair of art galleries, Litexpo Exhibition Centre, Vilnius.

2013  15th Vilnius painting triennial “Contexts”. CAC, Vilnius.

2013 International multimedia project “Happy Childhood”, Bydgoscsz, Poland.

2013 “Menas haist Kunst”. Städtische Galerie, Herne, Germany.

2013 “Synchrony”, contemporary Lithuanian art in context of tradition. Galerie bij Boeken, Ulft, the Netherlands.

2013 Exhibition “Salon d’Automne”. Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.

2013 International exhibition “Carrement”. Gallery 4, Barbier, Nimes, France. La Xina A.R.T.

2013 International project “L’ARTISTA CONTEMPORANI US DESITJA”. Gallery La Xina A.R.T., Barcelona, Spain.

2013  “Synchrony”, contemporary Lithuanian art in context of tradition. Concert and Exhibition Hall, Jurbarkas.

2013 Exhibition “The First”. Gallery Meno Forma, Kaunas.

2014 “10 Plein-airs of Šilavotas”. Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.

2014 “The same Way of Seeing/Thinking”. VMU art gallery 101, Kaunas.

2014 “2D international contemporary glass art exhibition”, Arka gallery, Vilnius.

2014 International exhibition “Café Europa – Metafora Com A Resistencia”. Contemporary art centre Tecla Sala, L’Hospitalet, Spain.

2014 International exhibition of Tervete plein-airs 2011 – 2014, Culture Centre, Jelgava, Latvia.

2014 “2 D international contemporary glass art exhibition”. Contemporary art gallery, Parnu, Estonia.

2014 Exhibition of Šilavotas plein-air “Threshold”. Lapės Exhibition Hall, Lapės, Kaunas district.

2014 International project “It is not St. Roch”. Museum of History, L‘Hospitalet, Spain.

2014 International exhibition “Contenant / Contenu”. Gallery 4, Barbier, Nimes, France.

2015 "Generations do not recur". Gallery Meno forma, Kaunas.

2015 "The same vision / way of thinking". LDS gallery, Vilnius.

2015 "More light", Photography Association Gallery, Kaunas.

2015 International Performance Festival "Performance Nights 2015 - Identity". Bydgoszcz, Poland.

2015 Contemporary painting festival "Generations XY.Z?" Gallery Meno parkas, Kaunas.

2015 Plein air Bauska summer 2015 exhibition. City Museum, Bauska, Latvia.

2015 Plein air "Paraphrases" exhibition. Parko gallery, Kaunas.

2015 Lyon Biennial "Resonance", KaNiBaL'HoPoX project Solipsisme en commun. Atelier de Transfers, Atelier Royal, L'Atelier Gallery, Lyon, France.

2015 Painting exhibition "The Path and the Light", Parko gallery, Kaunas.

Symposiums, plein-airs, projects

1990 International Stained-glass Symposium, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1992 International Painting Symposium “Big Size”, Valtice, Czech Republic.
1993 Festival of Contemporary Art and Meditation Music, Kromeriž, Czech Republic.
1994 International Painting Plein-Air dedicated to the memory of Antanas Samuolis, Kaunas, Lithuania.
1996 Creative Work at W.Derix’ stained-glass studio, Taunusstein, Germany.
2000 International Graffiti Symposium, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2002 XI International Vilnius Plein-air, Vilnius, Lithuania. 
2003 Plein-air of painting “Dipoly”, Bikuškis, Utena region, Lithuania.
2003 X International Symposium dedicated to the memory of A.Samuolis "Object for Painting", Kaunas, Lithuania.
2003 Project "Floated Art", "A Letter" dedicated to J. Mačiūnas. Kaunas Sea, Kaunas, Lithuania. 
2004 Plein-air of painting “Dipoly II”, Bikuškis, Utena region, Lithuania. 
2004 Plein-air of Angis group “Don’t Lead us to Temptation”, Šilavotas, Lithuania.
2004 Residency at "CITE INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS". Paris, France.
2005 Symposium “Raigardas”, Druskininkai, Lithuania.
2005 Plein-air in memoriam of A.Vaitkūnas. Šilavotas, Prienai region, Lithuania.
2006 Plein-air of sculpture and object. Žemaitkiemis estate. Kaunas region, Lithuania.
2006 Plein-air "Nida Expression 2006". Nida, Lithuania.
2006 Plein-air "Raigardas". Druskininkai, Lithuania.
2006 Plein-air of the group Angis dedicated to the memory of A. Vaitkūnas. Šilavotas. Prienai region, Lithuania.
2007 Plein-air of the group Angis "Silance", Šilavotas. Prienai region, Lithuania.
2008 Plein-air of the group Angis "Parallel Realities", Šilavotas. Prienai region, Lithuania.
2008 Project "Capital of Culture Zarasai 2008", Water projects, Zarasai, Lithuania.
2009 Plein-air “Mist”, Šilavotas, Prienai district, Lithuania.
2011 Plein-air dedicated to A. Samuolis, Leysin, Switzerland.
2011 Plein-air “Lost”, Šilavotas, Prienai district.
2011 Plein-air “Raigardas 2011’, Druskininkai.

2012 2nd international plein-air “Zarasai Land of Lakes”, Zarasai.

2012 Plein-air “Stories from Chest“. Šilavotas, Prienai district.

2013 Plein-air “Life for God”, Šilavotas, Prienai district.

2014 International plein-air “Tervete 2014”, Tervete, Latvia.

2014 Plein-air “Threshold”, Šilavotas, Pienai district.

2015 12th International plein air for abstract artists "Bauska summer". Castle Museum, Bauska, Latvia.

2015 plein air "Paraphrases". Šilavotas, Prienai district.

Stained-glass works in public places

1986 Stained-glass. Kalniečiai Shopping Centre, 15 m2, arch. E.Miliūnas, Kaunas
1987 Stained-glass. T.Ivanauskas Zoo Museum, 162 x 125, 3 items, Kaunas
1987 Stained-glass. AB Banga, 130 x 160, Kaunas
1988 Stained-glass. Centre of Domestic Services, 230 x 250, 280 x 250, Prienai
1988 Stained-glass. Shop of Fabrics, 220 x 110, 4 items, Kaunas
1988 Stained-glass. China factory Jiesia, 300 x 450, Kaunas
1991 Stained-glass. T.Ivanauskas Zoo Museum, 45 m2, Kaunas
1991 Stained-glass. Sports Complex, 700 x 600, 2 items, arch. R.Lajus, Šilutė
1991 Stained-glass. AB Kaspinas, 250 x 90, Kaunas
1991 Stained-glass. AB Hidroprojektas, 200 x 1000, Kaunas
1993 Erdvinis Stained-glass. Commercial Bank, 15 m2, arch. D.Cijunėlis, Marijampolė
1994 Stained-glass. VMU Guest House, 45 x 110, 3 items, arch. G.Janulytė, Kaunas
1994 Stained-glass. Evangelic Christ’s Church (17th century), 30 m2, Emmerich, Germany
1996 Stained-glass. Apostles’ Church, 70 m2, arch. A.Petravičius, Šilutė
1996 Stained-glass. Apostles’ Church, 78 m2, arch. R.Valiukonis, Klaipėda
1996 Stained-glass. W.Derix Gallery, 100 x 150, Taunusstein, Germany
1997 Stained-glass. Heating Networks, 20 items, arch. G.Natkevičius, Alytus
1997 Stained-glass – object. Flights Management Centre, h - 320, 260 x 100 x 10, arch. J.Barkauskas, Šiauliai
1998 Stained-glass. St. Anthony Church, 5,2 m2, Ežerėlis
1999 Stained-glass. Jesuits Gymnasium, 300 x 180, 180 x 180, Kaunas
1999 Stained-glass. VU Kaunas Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences, 4 m2, arch. G.Prikockas, Kaunas
2004 Stained-glass. Hotel Takioji Neris. 20 m2 Arch. D. Karalienė, Kaunas
2009 Stained-glass. St. Virgin Mary’s Assumption Church, 160 x 300, Zarasai

2015 "Paraphrases with M. K. Čiurlionis", 130x90 cm, M.K. Čiurlionis music school, Druskininkai.

Stainned-glass: http://www.glasmalerei-ev.de/pages/b3899/b3899.shtml

Grants and awards

2004-2005 First Grade Lithuania’ State Award. 
2005 Kultur Jahr der Zehn, DAAD Scholarship, Berlin, Germany. 
2006 Golden badge of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union for the project "Identifications" presented at Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2007 Diploma of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum for the project “Identifications”.
2011 State Award of the Culture Ministry of Lithuania.

2013 Kaunas City Culture and Art Stipend.

2015 Lithuanian Ministry of Culture scholarship.

Works of the artist have been purchased by the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, Lithuania, Glass Museum, Finland, Czech Artists Association, Czech Republic, Emschertal Museum, Herne, Germany, private people and organisations in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Norway, France, Belgium, USA, Australia, Estonia.

Contact information: eimismarkunas@yahoo.com