Duchess Kudenstein. Emmerich (Imre) Kálmán operetta "Count's Daughter Mariza", 2006.

Danutė Dirginčiūtė (soprano) was born in Buitkiškių Village, Jurbarkas District, on April 10, 1942. In 1949-1959 she was a pupil at Telviakai Primary School and Eržvilkas Secondary Schools. In 1959-61 she studied at Kaunas Economics College.

Upon graduation she worked at Skaudvilė Statistics Inspectorate. In 1963 she entered Kaunas J.Gruodis Higher School of Music (now Conservatory). Till 1968 she studied in A.Barniškis solo singing class.

D.Dirginčiūtė has been working at Kaunas State Musical Theatre since 1966. The soloist is a long-time operetta prima donna and has played all main parts in the plays of this genre. She also created important parts in plays of other genres.

In 1973 the soloist became the Lithuanian Young Artist Contest laureate for the Odete’s part in the E.Kalman’s operetta “Die Bajadere”. In 1977 she was awarded a Distinguished Artist’s title. In 1984 the soloist received the Lithuanian Theatre Union prize for the Part of the Season – Mariza in E.Kalman’s operetta “Grafin Mariza”. In 1980, 1985, 1986, and 1990 she received Honorary Notes of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and Kaunas Municipality for artistic activity and the parts created.

In 1997 D.Dirginčiūtė became the first laureate of the Lithuanian Theatre Art Prize “Christopher” in the operetta category for Victoria’s part in P.Abraham’s operetta “Victoria”. She created almost sixty parts in operettas, musical comedies, musicals, and operas. D.Dirginčiūtė is participating in almost all concert programmes created by artists of the Musical Theatre.

Major roles:

Flora. G.Verdi opera “La Traviata”, 1966,

Wife. B.Gorbulski operetta “Three Evenings” (1967),

Bjanka. C.Porter musical “Kiss Me, Kate” (1968),

Countess. J.Strauss operetta “Blood of Venice” (1968),

Gvendolina. G.Natschinski musical “My Friend Bember” (1969),

Sveta. A.Doluchanian musical comedy “Beauty Contest”, 1969,

Miranda. B.Gorbulski musical “Don Juan or Love for Geometry”, 1969,

Hana. F.Lehar operetta “Merry Widow” (1970, 1988),

Miss. K.Zeler operetta “Seller of Birds” (1970),

Irena. D.Herman musical “Hello Dolly” (1971),

Queen Madlen. T.Dobrzanski muisical “Box of King” (1972),

Maiden. A.Dvořak opera “Mermaid”, 1972,

Vera. A.Eshpay musical comedy “Attention, Filming!”, 1972,

Maiden. A.Belazar opera - tale “Humpback Musician” (1973),

Ema. F.Lesser musical “Where’s Charlie?”, 1973,

Odete. E.Kalman operetta “Bajadere” (1973)

Princess. P.Abraham operetta “Flower of Hawaii” (1974),

Serpoleta. R.Planquett operetta “Korneville Bells” (1975),

Ninon. E.Kalman operetta “The Violet of Montmartre” (1975),

Marcelė. A.Bražinskas musical “Pagramantis Talkers” (1976),

Safi. J.Strauss operetta “Baron of Gypsies” (1976),

Katarina. V.Shebalin opera “Taming of a Shrew” (1977),

Silva. E.Kalman operetta “Silva” (1978, 1992),

Beatrice. G.Gobernik musical “Love is not a Game” (1978),

Santuca. P.Mascagni opera “Honour of Villate” (1978),

Violeta. F.Lehar operetta “Funny War”, 1979,

Gede. F.Lesser musical “How to Make a Career” (1980),

Hairdresser. B.Gorbulskis musical paradox “Adam does not wish to be Adam”, 1981,

Olia. A.Kolker musical “Romance in a Resort”, 1981,

She. R.Rassel musical “Day of Tortoise”, 1983,

Count’s Daughter Maritza. E.Kalman operetta “Count's Daughter Maritza” (1984),

Angela. F.Lehar operetta “Count Luxemburg” (1985),

Eliza. F.Loewe musical “My Fair Lady” (1986),

Ema. G.Cabadze musical tragic comedy “My Crazy Brother”, 1987,

Madlena. P.Abraham operetta “Ball in Savoy” (1990),

Fedora. E.Kalman operetta “The Circus Princess” (1995),

Victoria. P.Abraham operetta “Victoria” (1996),

Elza. R.Rodgers musical “Music Sounds”, 1998,

Countess. U.Giordan opera “Andre Shenier”, 1999,

Baroness. F.Lehar operetta “Land of Smiles”, 2000,

Suzi Koko. F.Lehar operetta “Count Luxemburg”, 2002,

Miss Renė. G.Kuprevičius Kaunas operetta „Kipras, Fiodoras and Others“, 2003,

Duchess Kudenstein. Emmerich (Imre) Kálmán operetta "Count's Daughter Mariza", 2006.

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