Česlovas Lukenskas was born in Panevėžys on July 3, 1959. He studied at Panevėžys 5th Secondary School in 1966-74 and at Panevėžys J. Švedas Music Conservatoire in 1974-78. Between 1978-82 he studied at Vilnius Evening Art School. Between 1978-84 Česlovas Lukenskas studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music, where he obtained the specialty of a saxophone player. In 1984-87 he taught music at Karmėlava Secondary School, in 1987-97 – the saxophone at Kaunas J. Gruodis Conservatoire. From 1999 he has been lecturing at VAA, Kaunas Art Institute. From 2005 he belongs to the Lithuanian Artists’ Union. The artist is a member of Post Ars group. He works in the field of interdisciplinary art.

One-man exhibitions, projects, actions

1985 – Sculptures and assemblages, Teachers’ Home, Kaunas

1987 – Sculptures and assemblages, Architects’ Home, Kaunas

1987 – Sculptures and assemblages, Art School, Panevėžys

1989 – Assemblages, Art Exhibition Hall, Vilnius

1989 – “Burning Man”, action, Jonava district

1989 – “Refuse Man”, action, Jonava district

1989 – “Poles”, action, Jonava district

1989 – “Man and Things”, action, Jonava district

1990 – “Burning Things”, action, Jonava district

1990 – “Travelling Squares”, action, Jonava district

1990 – “Man-Seed”, action, Jonava district

1990 – “Fertilisation of Land”, action, Jonava district

1991 – “Hammer” (along with A. Andriuškevičius), action, Jonava district

1991 – “Man-Star”, action, Jonava district

1991 – “Homo Faber”, installation, Kaunas Artists’ Home

1992 – “Man-Bush”, action, Architects’ Home, Kaunas

1993 – “PO-PO”, action, video gallery

1994 – “Memories”, small plastic and assemblages, Art Gallery, Panevėžys

1996 – “Nest”, installation, contemporary music festival “Was Hören Wir”, Kaditsch, Germany

1996 – “Against Violence. Gallows” (along with J. Maldžiūnas), action, Kaunas

1999 – “Painting on Wood”, Vilniaus Bankas, Kaunas

2000 – “Refuse Man” (along with VAA KAI students), Kaunas

2001 – “Eyes of River”, earth art project, Brixen, Italy

2002 – “Limousine”, action, New York, USA

2002-2004 – “Audio Projects” (digital sound projects)

2005 – “Cacti”, sculptural plastic of environment art, Panevėžys district, Berčiūnai

2006 – “Česius Radio”, audiovisual project, Town Hall square, Kaunas

2006 – “Butterfly”, earth art project, Kaunas

2006 – Action-provocation, CAC TV, Vilnius

2007 – Performance “Autopod”, Republic theatre festival, Kaunas.

2008 – Action “Postcard”, presentation of the publication “Poetry with Thorns”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.

2009 – “Traumiser”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.

2009 – “Motografika – Aptapyba – Apkaustika”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2011 – Exhibition and performance “Theses of Hominid”. Gallery 4, Barbier, Nimes, France.

2013 – “Dadasklaida”. VAA exhibition hall Titanikas, Vilnius.

Major group exhibitions

1981 – Painting and assemblages (along with R.Paniulaitis), Evening Art School, Vilnius

1988 – Contemporary art exhibition, Contemporary Art Centre, Kiev, Ukraine

1989 – “Post Ars” conference-happening, Jonava district

1990 – “Installations of Kaunas Artists” (along with “Post Ars”), Lithuanian Artists’ Union, Kaunas

1990 – “Post Ars” installations and action, Architects’ Home, Kaunas

1990 – “Post Ars” installations, Palanga exhibition hall

1990 – “Zatyšiai”, “Post Ars” action, Jonava district

1991 – “Post Ars” installations, gallery “Rzezby”, Warsaw, Poland

1991 – Fifth Baltic youth triennial, Art Exhibition Hall, Vilnius

1991 – International festival of performances “The Works”, gallery Langas, Vilnius

1992 – “Morning”, Eastern European art festival, Bekeshaba, Hungary

1992 – “Bed”, “Post Ars” action, Architects’ Home, Kaunas

1992 – “Games”, “Post Ars” happening, gallery “AL”, Kaunas

1992 – “TV Action” (along with “Post Ars”), Kaunas TV, Kaunas

1992 – “Post Ars” photo-documents, drawings, projects, actions, CAC, Vilnius

1993 – “Tele-instructions”, “For the Blind”, “Post Ars” actions, Small Theatre, Kaunas

1993 – “Aujourd’hui les Baltes”, contemporary Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian art, National Higher School of Art, Paris, France

1993 – “It is a Letter”, Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas

1993 – “Score”, earth art project, European biennial Niederlausitz II, Branderburg earth, Germany

1993 – “Between Sculpture and Object in Lithuanian”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1994 – “Dodecafonia”, “Post Ars” concert-happening, Academic Drama Theatre, Vilnius

1994 –“Period of Sixteen Times”, “Post Ars” action-tread, Kaunas

1994 – “Spread-Change-Involvement”, “Post Ars” installation (along with M.Engelhardt), Kaunas Picture Gallery

1994 – Exhibition of art groups, CAC, Vilnius

1994 – “Discovery of Europe”, Copenhagen, Denmark

1995 – “Recent Documents”, Balzek museum, Chicago, USA

1995 – “1995: Lithuanian Art”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1995 – “Three Agendas. Lithuanian Art”, Art museum Mucharnok, Budapest, Hungary

1996 – “Reception”, “Post Ars” action-installation in Fluxus exhibition, CAC, Vilnius

1996 – “Three Agendas 2. Lithuanian Art”, Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland

1998 – “Body and Mornings”, Modern Art Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1999 – “Trip to Tadzmahal”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1999 – “Lithuanian Art 1989-1999: Ten Years”, CAC, Vilnius

1999 – “Action-Concert” (along with “Post Ars” and M. Litvinskis), Small Theatre, Kaunas

1999 – “Camouflages”, “Post Ars” retrospective exhibition-installation, Kaunas Picture Gallery

1999 – “Seven Days of Love to Post-modernism” (along with “Post Ars” and A. Brazdžiūnas), Kaunas Picture Gallery

1999 – “The First Symposium of Earth Art” (along with “Post Ars”), LAU, Kaunas Branch.

1999 – International symposium of earth art (along with “Post Ars”), Moscow, Pereslavl-Zaleski, Russia

2000 – “Riga-800”, international symposium of sculpture (along with “Post Ars”), Riga, Latvia

2000 – “Subscription for Sculpture”, Kaunas public spaces

2000 – Jonava art festival (along with R. Antinis), Jonava

2000 – “Innocent Life”, international exhibition, CAC, Vilnius

2001 – Contemporary music festival (along with “Post Ars”), Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw, Poland

2001 – “Ori-Gami”, international symposium of corrugated cardboard, European Park, Vilnius District

2001 – “Mutations”, 8th international plain-air in memoriam of A.Samuolis, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2002 – “Our Language”, “Post Ars” performance, gallery Arteritorija, Kaunas

2002 – “Objects You May Touch”, Janina Monkutė-Marks gallery, Kėdainiai

2002 – “Day Dreams”, contemporary art project for the blind, M.Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas

2005 – “Art Plus Art to Communicate. Sculpture”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2005 – “Art Stars”, Luxemburg

2005 – “Sailed Art. Fish named Jurgis”, project of a specific place, Kaunas Lagoon

2005 – “7th Annual Abstraction Juried International Online Art Exhibition”, Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, USA

2006 – “101.3km: Competition and Cooperation”, CAC, Vilnius

2006 – “Enigma”, international exhibition, gallery Vartai, Vilnius

2006 – “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”, Vilnius Radvilos Palace, Vilnius

2006 – “Dimension–I”, international festival of performances, CAC, Vilnius

2006 – “Occupation”, former Meat factory, Kaunas

2006 – Audiovisual performance (along with O. Molokojedovas and V. Labutis), Kaunas

2007 – “Art Plus Art to Communicate. Photo-intentions”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2007 – “Dimension–II”, international festival of performances, CAC, Vilnius

2008 – “Art + Art of Communication. Sound”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2009 – Retrospective exhibition Post Ars 20. Contexts. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

2010 – “Kaunas–Porto”. Gallery Espaco Imerge, Porto, Portugal.

2010 – Exhibition of the project “Porto–Kaunas”. Gallery ASVS, Porto, Portugal.

2012 – “About Passers-by and Neighbours”. National gallery of Art, Vilnius.

2012 – “Assemblage in Lithuanian”. National gallery of Art, Vilnius.

Achievements, stipends

1993 – Grand Prix for the earth art project “Score” (along with the group “Post Ars”), symposium “European Biennial Niederlausitz II”, Germany.

1994 – Stipend of Soros Contemporary Art Centre for the personal exhibition, project “Europe Discovered Anew” in Denmark, for catalogue of the group “Post Ars”.

1996 – Stipend of the inter-disciplinary art centre “Denkmalschmiede Höfgen” for the project “Nest”, Germany.

1996 – Stipend of Open Lithuania Fund (along with “Post Ars”) for the project “Mandala” in Moscow.

2000 – Stipend of Open Lithuania Fund for preparing a study course.

2001 – Stipend of earth art symposium “Prishna 901-2001” for the project “Eyes of River”, Italy.

2001 – Stipend of Open Lithuania Fund for summer studies in the Central European University.

2006 – Stipend of the Lithuanian state for earth art projects “For Earth from Soil”.