Audronė Petrašiūnaitė was born in Kazlų Rūda on January 3 of 1954. In 1972-76 she studied at Kaunas S. Žukas Applied Arts Technical School, where she obtained the specialty of artistic decorator. Between 1976-82 she studied at the State Art Institute, Department of Painting. She has been participating in exhibitions since 1982. In 1982-88 she lectured painting at S. Žukas Applied Art Technical School, in 1988-93 she taught the same discipline at Kaunas J. Naujalis Secondary School. From 1995 she is a lecturer of Kaunas Art Institute of Vilnius Art Academy (docent). From 1988 she is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.


Personal exhibitions

1986 – Painting, National M. Mažvydas Library, Vilnius.

1991 – Exhibition of painting and pastels, R.Kopcke Haus, Schvalenberg, Germany.

1992 – Painting, gallery Langas, Vilnius.

1992 – Painting, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1993 – Painting and textile, gallery Kauno Langas.

1994 – Painting, Vilnius Bank branch, Kaunas.

1995 – Painting, gallery Lietuvos Aidas, Vilnius.

1996 – Painting, Giedrė Bartelt gallery, Berlin, Germany.

1997 – Textile and painting, gallery Kauno Langas.

1998 – Exhibition of pastels, Eglės gallery, Kaunas.

1999 – Painting, gallery Kauno Langas.

2000 – Exhibition of graphics, Eglės gallery, Kaunas.

2001 – “Vibrant Light”, gallery O11, Vilnius.

2002 – Painting, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2003 – Painting, Rūtos gallery, Vilnius.

2004 – Painting, Vilnius Town Hall.

2005 – Painting, gallery Sofa, Druskininkai.

2007 – “Last Portraits of Mother”, Akademija gallery, Vilnius.

2011 – Painting exhibition from the cycle “Duets” along with Laima Drazdauskaitė. Aukso Pjūvis gallery, Kaunas.

2013 – “Paintings of Memory”. Akademija gallery, Vilnius.

2015 – “Two Possibilities of Nature”. Parko gallery, Kaunas.

Major group exhibitions

1985 – 3rd exhibition of fine arts of Baltic young painters “Youth”, Vilnius.

1987 – Lithuanian art exhibition, Moscow.

1988 – 4th exhibition of fine arts of Baltic young painters “Youth”, Vilnius.

1988 – “Tendeciak a kortars Litvan ferteszetben”, Nyiregyhaza, Budapest, Hungary.

1989 – “14 Young Painters”, Luxemburg.

1990 – “Apokalypse und Glaube”, Marburg, Germany.

1990 – 8th Vilnius painting triennial, Vilnius.

1991 – “Lithuanian Art”, Detmold, Germany.

1993 – Exhibition of newly purchased works at M.K.Čiurlionis Museum, Kaunas.

1994 – “Bread and Salt”, 2nd exhibition of Soros Contemporary Art Centre in Lithuania, Vilnius, Contemporary Art Centre; Edinburg (1995), Manchester (1996), England.

1995 – 7th triennial of textile of Nordic countries, Helsinki, Finland.

1996 – Rauma Baltic biennial, Art Museum, Rauma, Finland.

1996 – 10th Vilnius triennial of painting, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

1997 – “Silent and Famous Whisperings of Colours on Paper”, Sperkasse gallery, Erfurt, Philharmonic Palace, Zul, Germany.

1997 – “Lithuanian Art’97: galleries presenting”, CAC, Vilnius.

2000 – “Break Generation and its Teachers”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2000 – “Four Female Painters from Lithuania”, hall of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

2000 – “Tradition and Future”, CAC, Vilnius.

2002 – “Avesta Art”, Sweden.

2003 – Contemporary Lithuanian painting and sacral sculpture, Konrad Adenauer Fund, Berlin, Germany.

2004 – “Seven Truths of Painting”, 12th Vilnius triennial of painting, CAC, Vilnius.

2006 – “Bitė Art Spaces”, project in public spaces, Kaunas, Palanga.

2007 – 13th Vilnius triennial of painting “Dialogues”, CAC, Vilnius.

2010 – “Mimicry and Camouflage of Landscape”. Arka gallery, Vilnius.

2011 – 54th Venice biennale, project “Behind the White Curtain”, pavilion Scuola di San Pasquale, Italy.

2013 – 15th international Vilnius painting triennial “Contexts of Painting”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

Awards, stipends

1985 – prize of the magazine Nemunas at the 3rd exhibition of fine arts of Baltic young painters “Youth’85”.

1991 – stipend of Cultural Institute of Lipe County, Germany.

1996 – prize of the Cultural and Art Department of Vilnius City Municipality for the painting “Red Wine” at the 10th Vilnius triennial of painting.

1998 – stipend of Soros Contemporary Art Centre in Lithuania.

2002 – stipend for artists of the highest level of the Republic of Lithuania.

2004 – prize of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union and golden badge for creative activity and personal exhibitions in 2003.

2009 – winner of the exhibition “The Best Artwork of the Year 2008” in Kaunas for the painting “A Look at Oneself”.