Arūnas Gelūnas was born in Kaunas on December 13, 1968. He studied at Kaunas J.Jablonskis Secondary School from 1975 to 1986, at Vilnius Art Academy, Department of Graphics in 1988-1994, where he obtained the specialty of a graphic (Master’s degree). He studied at Tokyo National Art and Music University (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku), Department of Japanese Painting in 1995-1997. In 1997-2001 he was a doctor student at Vytautas Magnus University (Doctor of philosophy: the defended PhD dissertation “The Emergence of the New Paradigm of Order in Nishida and Merleau-Ponty Philosophy”).

In 1997-2004 A.Gelūnas worked as a lecturer of Kaunas Art Institute of VAA, in 2001-2002 – an assistant of the Philosophy Department of VMU, in 2002-2003 – the pro-dean of Kaunas Art Faculty, in 2003-2004 – the dean of VAA Kaunas Art Faculty, from 2004 – the pro-rector of studies of VAA, from 2005 and 2007 he is a docent of the Art History and Theory Department and Graphics Department of VAA.

He is a member of the Lithuanian National Bologna process (chairman in 2004-2008), member of the European Japanese Studies Association (EAJS), member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union, member of the Lithuanian Philosophers' Union, member of the editors’ group of the magazine Acta Orientalia Vilnensia.

Arūnas Gelūnas is an organiser of international scientific conferences (2004-2005), head of prepared doctor’s theses (from 2005), member of Theses Defence Councils (VMU, VAA, VU, from 2005), chairman of the Studies’ Quality Evaluation Centre, Committee of Appeals (from 2006), Chairman of Masters’ theses evaluation committee of Latvian Art Academy (2006-2007).



One-man exhibitions

1997 – “Painting-Graphics-Pictures”, Gallery Shimizu, Tokyo, Japan.
1997 – “Movement of Woman”, Kaunas Exhibition Centre, Kaunas.
1997 – Graphics, “Exhibitions of winners of the third international triennial of graphics of small format Chamalieres 94”, Royat city mayor’s office, France. 
1998 – “Movement of Woman”, gallery Laiptai, Šiauliai.
1998 – “Etchings”, gallery of the company Drauda, Kaunas.
1998 – “Movement of Woman”, Klaipėda Exhibition House, Klaipėda.
1999 – Calligraphy and copies of classical Japanese painting in ink, Eglė's gallery, Kaunas.
1999 – Painting in ink, French Institute, Leipzig, Germany.
2000 – “Big and Small Graphics”, Eglė’s gallery, Kaunas.
2000 – Exhibition of Žibuntas Mikšys (France) works on paper, Eglė’s gallery, Kaunas (curator). 
2003 – “Dotted Territories”, ARTeritorija, Kaunas.
2003 – “Dotted Territories II”, Rūtos gallery, Vilnius.
2005 – “Spoken Influences”, educational exhibition – project, gallery Akademija, Vilnius.
2005 – “Spoken Influences”, Graphics gallery, Kaunas.
2007 – “Arūnas Gelūnas: Graphics”, gallery Rogatka, Radom, Poland.

Major group exhibitions

1996 – Exhibition of graphics “Saga”, Paris, France.
1996 – International exhibition of the small graphics “Nagoya 96”, Nagoya, Japan.
1997 – “Tree of Pearls”, exhibition of painting in Japanese style, gallery Bellini, Jokohama, Japan. 
1998 – Lithuanian art days, Brussels, Belgium.
1998 – “Metal-History”, exhibition of engraving, gallery Arka, Vilnius.
1998 – “9+9”, exhibition of Lithuanian artists, Aachen, Germany.
1999 – “Three Graphics: R.Kepežinskas, R.Rimkūnas, A.Gelūnas”, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
1999 – “Graphics from Lithuania”, centre of culture Das Glashaus, Derneburg, Germany.
2000 – Exhibition of graphics – international prize winners, gallery Kairė-Dešinė, Vilnius.
2000 – “Tradition and Future”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.
2000 – Krakow biennial of graphics, gallery of prize winners of world exhibitions, Katowice, Poland.
2000 – Kaliningrad triennial of graphics, Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Russia.
2000 – “On the Way to Meikle Segie”, exhibition dedicated to the concept of “The Seven”, Kaunas Picture Gallery. 
2001 – “Tradition Today”, Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden.
2001 – Tallinn triennial of graphics, Tallinn, Estonia.
2002 – “K.Grigaliūnas, A.Gelūnas, A.Rakauskaitė, O.Morkūnaitė”, Polish Institute of Culture, Stockholm, Sweden.
2001 – “Terra Grafica”, Galleri Infra, Stockholm, Sweden.
2004 – “Portrait of the 21st Century”, gallery Vartai, Vilnius.
2004 – “Restoration of Memory”, gallery Vartai, Vilnius.
2004 – “FRIENDSHIP III”, international exhibition of contemporary art, Edsviks Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden.
2004 – “10 Lithuanian Artists”, Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
2004 – “ANDRUM”, international exhibition of contemporary art, Uppsala cathedral basilica, Uppsala, Sweden.
2005 – “ANDRUM”, international exhibition of contemporary art, Schwerin cathedral basilica, Schwerin, Germany.
2008 – “Philosopher’s Look. Šliogeris, Dagys, Gelūnas: Photography and Graphics”, Lithuanian photography gallery, Vilnius.

Awards, stipends

1994 – Prize of Clermont-Ferrand city at the third international triennial of small engravings “Chamalieres 94", France.
1995 – Stipend of the Japanese government (Mombush) for studies in Japan.
1997 – Diploma in the fourth international triennial of small engravings “Chamalieres 97”, France. 
2001 – Museum prize, Tokyo international biennial of small engravings 2001, Japan.
2005 – Individual state stipend for art and culture creators.
2007 – Diploma for the design of Julius Kelera book “Snow, Tramp, Falling”, contest of book art “Vilnius 2007”.


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In 1998-2008 A.Gelūnas read more than 40 reports in international and national conferences.