Birth date: 1963 03 01

Data about education:

1969-1980. J.Jablonskis Secondary School

1980-1986. State Art Institute, Department of Sculpture

Workplace: Kaunas Art Gymnasium, teacher-supervisor of sculpture



1987 - 1992 annual fine arts exhibitions at Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1992 International Quadrennial of Sculpture “Riga’92”.

1992 International symposium of ceramics in Kaunas “Idea”.

1992 International symposium in Willmersdorf (Germany) “Object in the Wind”

1993 Exhibition “Letters” in Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1993 Personal exhibition in Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1993 International symposium in Willmersdorf (Germany) “Object in the Wind”

1994 Ars Baltica exhibition in Skaraborg (Sweden).

1994 Personal exhibition in the gallery “Langas” (Kaunas).

1994 International symposium of wood sculpture in Hojer (Denmark).

1995 Symposium of wood sculpture in memorium of Menčinskas, Kaunas.

1995 Personal exhibition in Ilmenau “Kleine galerie” (Germany).

1995 International symposium in Willmersdorf (Germany) “Object in the Wind”

1996 Art Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Lithuanian Independence. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1996 Competition of J. Miltinis monument. 2nd place.

1996 Wood Sculpture Symposium, in memorium of M.Menčinskas. Kaunas.

1996 International Quadrennial of Sculpture “Riga’96”.

1997 Art Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Independence. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1997 Project of eco-objects “The Dead Stretching Hand to the Living” Kaunas Oak Forest

1997 Wood Sculpture Symposium. Kaunas Botanical Garden. 1st place.

1997 Personal exhibition “Unreal Things”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

1998 Personal exhibition. Klaipėda Exhibition Gallery.

1998 International Forum “Control Station of Feelings”. Moscow, Sorros Centre.

1999 Symposium of stone sculpture. Panevėžys.

1999 Kaunas artists’ exhibition in the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.

1999 Kaunas artists’ exhibition in the gallery “Huset”. Asnaes, Denmark

1999 NIFCA grant for residence in Hollufgard (Denmark) in 2000.

1999 Exhibition “Van Teachers”. Kaunas Artists’ Union gallery

1999 International Symposium of Sculpture. Kap Arkona, Germany.

1999 Project of earth art “Time Cut” (2nd place).

1999 Installation “Seven Days of Love to Postmodernism”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.

2000 Exhibition of the best work. Kaunas Picture Gallery. (Prize for the best sculpture “Pew”)

2000 “Meadow of Lenins”. Environment art symposium “Subscription for Sculpture”

2000 “Tradition and Future”, CAC, Vilnius.

2000 Kaunas artists’ exhibition in D.Rostworowski gallery, Krakow, Poland.

2000 MONDOARTE-WORLDART, Rivoli, Italy.

2000 Residency in Hollufgard sculpture centre, Odense, Denmark.

2000 International sculpture quadrennial “Riga 2000”.

2001 “Personal Movement”, exhibition of kinetic art. Kaunas Picture Gallery

2001 Joint exhibition of Krakow and Kaunas artists, Lithuanian Artists’ Union Gallery, Kaunas.

2001 Richard Demarco project “The road to Meikle Seggie”, sculpture “Seven Days”

2001 Exhibition “Black-White”. Gallery “Kairė-dešinė”, Vilnius

2002 Kaunas artists’ exhibition “Through Smiles”. Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius

2002 Exhibition of the best work in Kaunas Picture Gallery. (Prize for the best sculpture “Dark and Light Shades”

2002 Kaunas artists’ exhibition in Anian city gallery, France.

2002 European contemporary art biennial in Nimes, France

2002 Project “Dreams of the Day”. Žilinskas Art Gallery, dedicated to blind people. Sculpture “Mobile Secrets”.

2002 Exhibition of sculptors from Kaunas in Vilnius Medal gallery.

2002 Exhibition of graphics “Engraving in Jazz-style”. Kaunas Picture Gallery

2002 Project “You +me Shop” joint project of Takako Saito with Lithuanian artists.

2002 Exhibition of sculptors and watercolourists from Kaunas “Dialogues” in several Lithuanian towns.

2002 Exhibition “Wood”. “Šv.Jono” gallery.

2003 Exhibition “The best artwork”' in Kaunas picture gallery. The prize for the best sculpture “Personal Game”'.

2003 The golden badge from Lithuanian artists association for the creative activity in the year of 2002. The exhibition of laureates at The Lithuanian Artists’ Union gallery in Vilnius.

2003 “Art propaganda”. Contemporary art in the city. Gallery “Art teritorija”, Kaunas

2003 International exhibition of stone sculptures “Sculturea” organised by Italian sculptors.

2003 Krakow and Kaunas artists’ exhibition. Gallery “Arka”.

2003 Symposium of ice sculptures in Kaunas. Sculpture “Support”.

2003 Personal exhibition. ”ALMA” gallery, Monpellier, France

2004 State stipend of the Ministry of Culture in 2004 – 2006

2004 Exhibition “Newest Work”. "Šv.Jono” gallery, Vilnius.

2004 Sculpture and calligraphy exhibition. Gallery “Arka”. Vilnius.

2004 Sculpture symposium “Connection”, Kaunas.

2004 Granite sculpture “Stick” in Linkuva park.

2004 Exhibition of the best work. Kaunas Picture Gallery

2004 Sculpture symposium in Žemaitkiemis estate. Sculpture “Harrow”.

2005 Sculpture symposium organised by “Pizza Jazz”. Sculpture “Dream of St. Valentine’s Day”.

2005 Lithuanian artists’ exhibition “Space” Lvov, Ukraine.

2005 Project “Art plus Art of Communication”. Sculpture “N – 14”

2006 Exhibition of sculpture, Tartu, Estonia