“In fact, I am against dates and other information in poetry. Nobody should take care about other things but text”. 

A.Mikuta was born in Mažeikiai on the 13th of May, 1943. He studied at Kaunas Politechnic Institute (present Kaunas University of Technology) in 1960-1964 and journalism at Vilnius University in 1965-1967. In 1972-1982 he worked as the consultant and chairman of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union, Kaunas Branch. In 1967–1972 the poet was employed in the editor’s office of the magazine Nemunas, in 1991–2004 he was the principal editor of the magazine. From 1966 he is a member of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union.

A.Mikuta started publishing poems in 1958. The philosophical and paradoxical thought is prominent in his works; the poet combines lyricism and irony as well as grotesque; his style is expressive and dynamic. Belief in wisdom of life is typical of him.

A.Mikuta has translated works of Chingiz Aitmatov, Michail Bulgakov, Rasul Gamzatov, Georgij Markov, Boris Pasternak, Konstantin Paustovsky, Olzh Suleimenov. A.Mikuta’s poems have been translated to Russian and other languages.



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Vieno Aktoriaus Teatras (One Actor’s Theatre) published a compact disc of poetry of A.Mikuta “Hour of Owl” in 2009 according to the book of poems of the same title published in 1984. The poems are read by the actor Sigutis Jačėnas.

Translations from Russian:

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L. Tolstoy. Road of Life – Kaunas: Trigrama, 2013.


1979 – winner of the Poetry Spring.

1995 – winner of Kauno Diena prize for the best reflection of reality in poetry during the Poetry Spring. 

2003 – winner of Salomėja Nėris prize for the poetry book “Poems of Eight Lines”.

2003 – winner of medal of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas Order.

2011 – Culture and Art Prize of Lithuanian Government.

2013 – Prize of Kaunas Art Creators’ Association for the selection of poems “Ferryman” and translation of the book of L. Tolstoy “Road of Life” and texts of popular songs.

2013 – Kaunas City municipality Santaka sign of honour of 2nd degree.

2015 – Prize of Lithuanian Writers’ Union for the selection of poetry “I Lived without a Clock”.

2015 - B.Brazdžionis literature prize for the poetry book “Ferryman”.