Agnė Jonkutė was born in Alytus on August 5, 1974. In 1983-90 she studied at Alytus Music School (fortepiano), in 1993-96 – at Kaunas S. Žukas Applied Arts Technical School, in 1997-2003 – at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Art Institute, where she obtained the specialty of a painter. From 2005 the artist is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union. Since 2006 she has been working as a lecturer at the Department of Visual Arts at Kaunas Art Institute of VAA. She works in the fields of painting and inter-disciplinary arts, organises exhibitions.


Solo exhibitions

2003 – “Self-conception”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2005 – “Facts of Inexistence”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas; gallery ARTima, Vilnius

2007 – “Cavities” gallery XX, Panevėžys

2007 – “In the Morning”, Klaipėda Culture Communications Centre

2008 – “Lithuanian Contemporary Art. Part 1 – Agnė Jonkutė", gallery Strenger, Tokyo, Japan. 

2011 “I Thought about it Once Again”, Old Town Artists’ Gallery, Vilnius.

2013 – “Places”, Homo Ludens gallery, Jonava.

2013 – “A Stone to my Garden”, Si:said gallery, Klaipėda.

2014 – “My home is small, who left it once may not return. Glee of contribution”, Post gallery, Kaunas.

Major group exhibitions

1999, 2000 Art forum “Homo Ludens”, Jonava

2001, 2002, 2003 “Plain-air of Deer Valley”, gallery AL, Kaunas, gallery Akademija, Vilnius; Arts Printing House, Vilnius (participant and organiser)

2001 “Mutations”, 8th plain-air in memoriam of A.Samuolis, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2001 “Mysterium Magnum”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas

2002 “Erase the Marked Place”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2002 “Evolvement”, Šiauliai Art Gallery

2003 “2 Show”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2003 Action “Insert”, Savanorių Ave. 168, Kaunas

2004 Video art festival“THEOverkill”, Twente military airport, the Netherlands

2004 “EURO <26>”, J.Baltrušaitis Home, Moscow, Russia

2004 “Ecologic Landscape”, 9th plain-air in memoriam of A.Samuolis, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas

2004 “Portraits and Silhouettes of the 21st Century”, gallery Vartai, Vilnius; D.Rostworowski gallery, Krakow, Poland

2004 “Seven Truths of Painting”, 12th triennial of painting, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 “P.s. esp”, Kaunas Picture Gallery (participant and organiser)

2005 5th Francophone games, Niamey, Niger, Africa

2005 Plain-air in memoriam of A.Vaitkūnas, Davatkynas, Prienai district

2005 “Seven Contemporary Lithuanian Artists”, gallery I‘UFM, Montpellier, France

2005 “Homo erraticus”, Arts Exhibition House, Klaipėda; gallery Ibid Projects; Old Town Dominium, Vilnius

2005 “Spermatikos Logos”, Kaunas Picture Gallery (participant and organiser)

2005 “Salon of European Young Creators”, Montrouge, France

2005 Cinema festival “Jutro Filmu”, Warsaw, Poland

2006 “Red line”, cultural centre Ideias Emergentes, Porto, Portugal

2006 “10 + ”, Kaunas Picture Gallery (participant and organiser)

2006 “Shoot – You will not Save Yourself”, Arts Printing House, Vilnius

2006 “101.3 KM: Competition and Cooperation”, CAC, Vilnius

2006 – Humanitarian manoeuvres “Occupation”, former Kaunas meat factory

2006 Festival of performances, city gallery BWA, Bydgoszsc, Poland

2006 “Invasion”, Dortmund Kunstlerhaus, Germany

2006 “Enigma”, gallery Vartai, Vilnius

2007 Exhibition for the 10th anniversary of the gallery Meno Parkas, gallery Arka, Vilnius

2007 “Horizons”, TPK art centre, Barcelona, Spain

2007 “KoViKaVi”, Kaunas Picture Gallery

2007 “Monologues”, CAC, Vilnius

2007 “Fresh Paint”, gallery Vaal, Tallinn, Estonia

2007 “Marcė Katiliūtė and Agnė Jonkutė”, gallery Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway

2007 “Red line, Behind Borders”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas

2008 “From Country of Rain”, Museum of G.Gounar, Athens, Greece

2008 – Jubilee exhibition of TPK Teca Sala and Arts Plàstiques, Barcelona, Spain.

2008 – “From – to 2“, Klaipėda exhibition hall, Lithuania.

2008 – “Kataunas”, gallery Bocs, Catania, Italy; gallery Balta, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2008, 2009 – “Litwa – od nowa”, City gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz; gallery Szyb Wilson, Katowice; Contemporary art gallery, Olsztyn, Poland.

2009 – Exhibition of Young Lithuanian Artists. Gallery 21, Riga, Latvia.

2009 – “Abstraction and Expressionism – Two Vilnius Traditions of Painting”. Gallery Kairė-Dešinė, Vilnius.

2009 – “Millenium”. Gallery Kunstpakhuset, Ikast, Denmark.

2010 – “Landpartie”. Abtei Liesborn Museum, Germany.

2010 – Contemporary Lithuanian art. European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany.

2011 – Lithuanian pavilion in the 54th Venice Biennale, project of D.Mikšys “Behind the White Curtain”. Scuola S. Pasquale, Venice, Italy.

2011 – “Tertium Organum”. St. Donat Church, Zadar, Croatia.

2011 – “Autumn Salon”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas.

2011 – “Imaginary Stories”, Užutrakis Manor, Trakai.

2012 – “Both Sides of Emptiness”, gallery Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, Germany.

2012 – “Lithuania Now!”, Lichtenstein Art Palace, Feldkirche, Austria.

2012 – “Donelaitis. 2012”, Vilnius Town Hall, Vilnius.

2013 – Art fair Art Vilnius’13, Litexpo exhibition centre, Vilnius.

2013 – Art fair “Huntenkunst”, “DRUfabriek Ulft”, the Netherlands.

2013 – “Euro-standards”, Titanikas gallery, Vilnius; VMU gallery 101, Kaunas.

2013 – XV painting triennial “Contexts of Painting”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

2013 – Symposium “Minimum / Maximum”, Cannes et Clairan, exhibition “La Filature du Pont Fer”, Lasalle, France.

2013 – “Art Heisst Kunst”, Herne city museum, Germany.

2014 – “Year Opening the Gate”, Titanikas gallery, Vilnius.

2014 – “The Same Method of Seeing(Thinking)”, Vytautas Magnus University gallery 101, Kaunas.

2015 – “Short Story of Wasted Time”, Pamėnkalnio gallery, Vilnius.

2015 – “The Same Method of Seeing(Thinking)”, Artists’ Association Gallery, Vilnius.

2015 – “Before/After/Now”. Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas.

2015 – “Actuality of Reality”, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas.

2015 – “Photo Phobia. Imaginary Views”. Art Exhibition Centre, Klaipėda; 38th photographers’ seminar in Nida.

2015 – “More Light”, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kaunas.

2015 – “Three Roads for one Theme”, along with Z.Hassanabadi, J.Lesur, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas.

Awards, achievements

1999, 2001 – The first place in Students’ Art Days.

2003 – Award of Rector of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

2005 – Internship at Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

2005 – Gold medal in the 5th Francophone games, Niamey, Niger.

2006-2008 – State stipend of the Ministry of Culture.

2009 – Diploma of the best young Lithuanian artist in the contemporary art fair Art Vilnius‘09.

2012 – State stipend of the Ministry of Culture.

2012 – Culture and art stipend of Kaunas City Municipality.